Dungeons Dragons will announce a book of 2022 this week

Dungeons   Dragons will announce a book of 2022 this week

Calaboons and dragons will announce your first 2022 product this week. Amazon has published a new list for the Dungeons & Dragons title of March 2022 , with a description that the full title will be announced on October 12. «Tighten yourself on October 12 to discover what adventures await you, says the description of the book without title. The launch date of the book appears as March 15, 2022, but Amazon s list did not reveal other relevant details about the product.

Last month, Chris Perkins advanced some details about the next Dungeons & Dragons product, affirming that the next book goes to a new place where we have never been». Perkins also provided a brief description of the book s stage, and noted that it was a wonderful and terrifying place. The players will be absolutely terrified when entering this scenario, Perkins joked.

It is possible that the unsuitable calaboons and dragons The book could be linked with a game test of Unerthed Arcana released on Friday. That game test contained new rules for six new playable breeds, four of which were linked to the Spelljammer campaign configuration. The title of that unearthed arcanes was Multiverse Travelers , which is curious because Wizards of the Coast also plans to launch a compendium of rules entitled mordenkainen presents: Monsters of the Multiverse. Time Monsters of the Multiverse Playable from other books published above, as well as updated statistics blocks for several monsters from all the D & D MulitVerse. Mortdenkainen presents: Monsters of the Multiverse will be launched for the first time in January as part of a gift package of D & D rules and then will have an individual release at a later date.

Wizards of the Coast still plans to launch two other D & D books in 2021. The first, Throw of Fizban dragons, is a compendium of knowledge about dragons, blocks of dragons and spells and magic objects related to dragons. The other book is strixhaven: A Caos Studies Plan and is a campaign scenario that details the Magical College of Strixhaven, which was first introduced in magic: The Gathering. Treasure of dragons of Fizban will be launched on October 26, while Strixhaven: A Chaos curriculum will be launched on December 7.

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