Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker played The new extension will be so good

Final Fantasy 14  Endwalker played  The new extension will be so good

Currently there is a lot of hype around endwalker, the fourth extension for Final Fantasy 14. With tension, the fans expect the great final of history for Hydaelyn and Zodiark. But even away, the extension attracts with a lot of new content. So many players already plan to change their main class on the wise or snitter or speculate about what they are expected in the new areas.

On September 29, we took part in the media tour to the media tour and thrown a detailed view of the extension. Unlike in the years earlier, the event did not take place this time in a central location, but was organized digitally. However, the quality did not abort, because Square Enix has really done a lot for presenting us an excellent allotment version. Of course, we did not let ourselves be taken to take the new areas and also the jobs just under the magnifying glass, so as to see if the hype is really justified. What we have discovered everything and what impressions we have collected, we would like to share here with you.

An overview of all content that has been announced to endwalkers has been found in our summary of the LiveStream of February 6, as well as in our Digital Fan report of 15 May.

Attention: Please note that all information shown here relates to a pre-version of the game and can still change to the release. This concerns both the screenshots shown as well as the information on the game mechanics.

A message from Yoshi-P

Before starting with the actual event, producer and director Naoki Yoshida had some things to say. He announced that Final Fantasy 14 (Buy Now 22.99 €) has now reached the 24 million players. Then he also talked about the Covid19 pandemic, which had a great influence on endwolders and is known to be the reason why the extension seems a little later when it was planned. Yoshida asked us to pass on a message regarding the pandemic to you – a wish we would like to comply with:

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker played! The new extension will be so good! (45) Source: Square Enix We are still in the middle of the fight against Covid-19, which has been on about two years now. Japan is also in a pretty difficult situation. Nevertheless, physicians work around the world incredibly hard For our safety and continue their fight against the virus, which is both psychic and physically extremely exhausting. Only thanks to their praiseworthy efforts, we were able to continue the developing u ng, and we have received thank-on messages from all over the world. They have us Said how much you appreciate the opportunity to have fun and entertainment through games.

DA Final Fantasy 14 is a MMORPG, you were thankful for you to meet with friends in the game. This was only possible thanks to the immense support of all members of the medical community. Even if it is only through these introductory words, I would like to express my gratitude through this medient tour. Thank you very much. Of course, there are also some of the warriors of light, which are active in medicine or work in related fields. We will continue our own fight to continue to create a gaming experience you will enjoy. In this sense, I would be glad if you do not lose sight of the hope of your work.

Changes await us

After these introductory and very touching words, Yoshi-P also talked about endwalkers themselves, especially once again on the changes to the game mechanics. It was first about the adaptation of numerical values. As already known from the first announcement for endwalkers, the combat values ​​should be significantly reduced as a whole. Life points, damage and healing are adjusted equally. Yoshida once again promised that in the sense of fame, nothing will change. Since only the values ​​themselves reduce and the formulas are retained in the background, one can quickly get used to it and no real difference to determine. However, adapting the numbers allow it to avoid mistakes and also improve the graphic. Thus, Final Fantasy 14 can be continued for a long time.

The trust system should soon be significantly expanded. Source: Fantasy next to the combat values, the developers want to turn on other numbers. Thus, the experience points necessary to achieve level 80 will also be significantly reduced. This should make it easier to bring many jobs to highest level. Changes will also be given at the cost of teleporters. The maximum value should not be at 999 gil in the future, but can also be significantly higher. So just the wide stretches are more expensive. Thus, on the one hand, the teleportation system is designed logical, but on the other hand the gil in the game will be reduced.

Who likes to travel with the NSC companions, may also look forward to an expansion of the Trust System . Thanks to the improved artificial intelligence, it should be possible from patch 6.1 to explore older dungeons in this way. Although this feature, just like the island paradise, is targeted to solo players, Yoshi-P does not see any problem for the group game. Final Fantasy 14 is said to have fun game types. Just because there are more solo players, this does not mean that no one would participate in the group activities. In addition, the solo players of today maybe also the group players of tomorrow, which would benefit the entire community.

So play the classes

After this first introduction, we were finally involved in the world of endwalkers. We first watched the job classes. With EndWalker, the developers make some changes to the game mechanics to make the gameplay overall more fluid. For example, the combinations of the coupler should no longer be interrupted by the use of a ranged capability. On the way to the new maximum stage 90, most job classes also receive new and imposing skills that complement the previous fame well. The innovations depend on different high depending on the job.

For example, the white magician with lilybell can now place a flower on the fighting field, the incoming damage immediately with an automatic healing. This offers a great way to keep the group alive if the damage spreads to individual group members. On the other hand, the Paladin may look forward to a number of magical sword attacks causing damage to a single target, but also function as a surface attack. This new combination is started by confitor . This should help the Paladin to cause damage in different situations while taking over his role as a tank. For other jobs, such as the machinist, however, only little changes. He is allowed to look forward to a supercool chainsaw attack that damages opponents in a straight line.

Thanks to the new skills, previous tasks and roles of each job is still finer defined. There are only a few jobs that have been completely cropped. Here the summoner should be called, who now works significantly differently when it is used to it. You can now summon the Primae directly. Each summon goes hand in hand with a mighty damage effect and then changes many of your active skills. For example, the command ASTAL FLOW under the effect of titan to mountain buster , which divides the damage to all goals, while it changes under the effect of garuda to slipstream , which creates a tornado as a permanent damage surface. The new playing style of the summoner offers as many ways to adapt to the current situation in the fight. The summoner may look forward to most changes in Endwalker. Source: Fantasy

The snitter

Of course, we did not have to take it, in detail to sniff the new jobs. The snitter hangs a pretty fleet fight style, in which it is about strengthening the power of your avatars and finally unleash. This concept sounds exciting and was also excellently implemented in the style. You start with a normal rotation that fills the Soul Gauge (the first one, the two job bars). If this is at least half charged, you can use individual attacks from a second combination. These in turn fill the second job bar, the shroud Gauge , on. As soon as this is filled enough, you can trigger the status enshrouded , which is a kind of finisher and uses the whole power of your avatars. This increases your previous attacks for some time and even replaces it through stronger versions.

The playing style of the snitter makes a lot of fun and goes swirl from the hand. Timing is particularly important here, especially when it comes to the final ENDSHROUDED state. Since there is a lot of time to recharge the job bars far enough, he should not be used lightly and saved for the critical moments in the fight. Either way, it needs a lot of exercise to use the different impact combinations at the right moment, just when you are blind. The snitter plays flott and makes a lot of fun. Source: Fantasy

The wise

In the first gameplay revelations to the new jobs, the community went the fear that you need to worry about the way to be able to benefit from its healing at all. These worries we can now certainly invalidate, because of course this new healer also has very ordinary healings and shields he applies directly to his group members. Nevertheless, the ability Kardia represents an important tool in its arsenal. On a group member, this is then healed with each damage magic about a certain amount. So it also requires a lot of overview of the combat events in order to benefit from this ability to benefit. Anyone who plays the way should know exactly when he can rely on passive healing and when he rather goes on to act direct healings in order not to make the tank accidentally die.

Even off the healing, the wise has a wide arsenal, with which he is prepared for a variety of situations. His skills are refreshingly taking little place in the action strips. The reason for this is that many commands have several functions. Through the use of EUKRASIA , the effect of the next ability can be changed specifically. Thus, the healing Diagnosis now also has a sign to the goal and the damage magic DOSIS now addresses damage over time. The way is a versatile healer, which looks pretty cool on top of that and makes a lot of fun. The weapons of the wise were designed extra for endwalkers. Source: Fantasy

In the dungeon!

During the player events, we were allowed to try one of the new dungeons. The Tower of Zot is one of those towers that are seen everywhere in the game world and which play a central role in the history of endwalkers. Optically, he knows fully convincing. The developers understand it masterfully, the oppressive atmosphere that emanates from these buildings also implement in their inner. Everything here looks threatening and seems to consist of an unreal mixture of mechanical and biological components. Almost it works as a stumbling one by a nightmare of HR Giger, the designer of the alien movies.

Playfully, this dungeon also has a lot to offer and the fights have proven to be a surprisingly challenging. Although the events run here is largely after the well-known scheme (so it also applies here to do three bosses, which are each protected by some trash groups), but the developers have laid out in the stuff to pack all this varied. This just tells the bosses. Here you have to compete against the Magus sisters , who do not want to fit in your colorful costumes so not to the other picture. The Magus sisters are the bosses in this dungeon. Source: Fantasy as it comes to fight against them and whether they are really hostile to the hero, at the moment is still a mystery. Anyway, the fact is that they have quite exciting challenges to offer. So the first sister regularly conjures balls that slowly fly over the field to its destination and then trigger one of three skills. The second sister, however, applies the time mechanics, which you should already know from the Eden Raid and lets your skills delayed. As a final challenge, you will eventually have to compete against all three sisters at the same time, which unload a true fireworks on effects on you.

Overall, the designers with the tower of Zot has succeeded in a varied and exciting dungeon, which wakes up the burning curiosity in us, what exactly it has with all the elements, which we were allowed to experience in it. Again, nothing remains different from us than to tolerate us to the release of enlargement.

Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy

A round trip through endwalker

Of course, Endwalker has much more to offer than only the said changes to the combat system or the new dungeons. So we also used our application time to help us in detail in the new zones of enlargement. We were allowed to visit thavnair , garlemald and the new capital alt-sharlayan more closely. Also consider the gallery at the end of the article in which you find many more screenshots.

thavnair – an oriental paradise

To anticipate the conclusion: Thavnair belongs to the most beautiful thing we ve ever seen in Final Fantasy 14 and now reserves a pretty high rank in the list of our favorite zones. This jungle area is as varied and colorful scene set that you just want to look around for hours. The picturesque beaches make even the sun coast properly competition and many buildings shine in a previously not-dear color splendor, which is almost outstanding at sunrise. All this is underlaid with wonderfully melodic sounds that create partly playful, partly adventurous atmosphere.

Everywhere in Thavnair are places that are linked to the previous history of Final Fantasy 14. For example, there is a kind of temple that is clearly consecrated the dancers who have their home here. The inhabitants are in the well-known thavnair clothing on the way and also the new wild strain of arkasodara is to be found here. Thavnair is a zone that reappears with its oriental influences strange and completely new and simultaneously fits into the overall picture. We would like to have spent a few hours more in this area, but it moved into significantly darkness.

Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy

As in a catastrophic film: Garlemald

Garlemald , the capital of the barren of Empire, is the complete opposite to the colorful spectacle, which offered us thavnair briefly before. This place is shaped by destruction. Ruins, destroyed streets, derailment trains – the entire area acts in its bleakness as if it had just sprung from a disaster film. Over all the perch the tremendous tower, the fandaniel and zenos built here and that occupies almost the entire horizon. Like the Tower of Zot , it also creates this zone to trigger a depressing feeling in us. Sure, the garlear was our enemies for a long time, but here we see burned playgrounds and parks that point out that this city must have been a lifelong place in the past. Currently we can only speculate about it, where the journey in this area will ultimately lead us and what secrets we will still reveal.

Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy

Alt-Sharlayan – a place of peace

The new capital Alt-Sharlayan was finally on the list of our destinations. Striking is the quiet, almost solemn atmosphere, which is just underlined by the contemplative music. The worries in the world are far away and not relevant to this place. Anyone who has seen the EndWalker trailer will recover many of the places from this city and can even look at them directly. For example, we have paid a visit to the forum in which Y Sthola speaks or the large library, in which G Raha Tia is seen, is adopted. In the east of the city, a large residential area extends, while the central part is apparently serving the trade. In the west, we finally find the academies for which Sharlayan is so well known. Refreshing: Especially in the western part we also find a lot of gardens and even whole woods that let us almost forget that we are actually in a city.

Alt-Sharlayan is another of those places where we would like to spend hours and always look around. There is something to discover at each corner and there is no question that even role players will come back to their expense. The developers managed here to create a place that looks stunning on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is also quite credible. Sharlayan is another reason that we can hardly expect it to the release of Endwalker – the prospect of being able to spend every day in this city soon, the anticipation continues to increase.

Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy Source: Fantasy

EndWalker played – our conclusion

Square Enix promises a lot for final wobers and what we ve seen from the extension so far, these promises are more than just fair. Of course, it is still too early to make a final judgment. Nevertheless, the hype, which is currently around the fourth enlargement for Final Fantasy 14, seems more justified. The changes to the combat system have been thoughtful and meaningfully implemented and the two new jobs also introduce themselves to the previous selection. Undoubtedly, the wise and snitter will find a lot of friends.

But even off the class changes, the presentation has certainly convinced. The new areas look excellent in scene and make you want to complete the extension finally completely explore completely and thus find answers to the many questions that are still in our heads. Especially the new capital and thavnair are a real eye-catcher where you can only see themselves fitted. Here is once more clear, with how much attention to detail the developer team is still going to work after all these years.

Now we have nothing left, when to wait for us until November 19th. Namely, endwalker will open his doors to all pre-orderers and give you the opportunity to convince yourself of the qualities of this mega extension. If you still do not have enough, you will find many more pictures and impressions in our gallery:

See all 51 pictures in the gallery

The snitter plays flott and makes a lot of fun. [Source: Fantasy]

How did you like the report from the investor event? What are you looking forward to? We are looking forward to your comments!

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