Pok mon Go This awaits you with the big Halloween

Pok mon Go  This awaits you with the big Halloween

Halloween is coming to the door, which goes to the mobile game Pokémon Go not without a trace. Niantic had announced a suitable event some time ago, but only now there are concrete details. Accordingly, the starting signal for the Halloween event falls on October 15, 2021 at 10:00 pm German time, the end is planned at 20:00 for October 31st.

Incidentally, the event is divided into two episodes. The first episode called scary society runs from 15 to 22 October, the second episode scary journals follows from 22nd to 31 October. At the first part, among other things, the continuation of the special research misunderstood Schabernback awaits you, and there are special field research. In the second part of the Halloween events of Pokémon Go, the special research mentioned is still continued. There are also a special RAID weekend (30 to 31 October) and exclusive event field research.

Furthermore, during the event, you will meet numerous costumed Pokémon in the wilderness, but also some new pocket monsters are on the program. These include Galar-Lashoking, Pumpdjinn, Irrbis, Trombork and Paragoni. Some of the Pokémon can be found with a little luck even in their dazzling form and of course ascend as possible – ideal for the collectors among you. Further details can be found on the official website of Pokémon Go. In addition, you can benefit from the entire events of several bonuses. Here is the overview:

Top 10 NEW Games of October 2021

Double amount of catch sweets
Double amount of slip sweets
Double amount of sweets while sending
XL sweets while walking with a buddy
Event boxes in the shop
Lavadia music for scary mood

Source: Niantic

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