Virtual Reality Images and information about HTCS coming VR

Virtual Reality  Images and information about HTCS coming VR

Update from October 13 2021, 13:15:

Twitter leakers Evleaks has official pictures and first information of tomorrow s HTC presentation already in parat – unless they are. Quench the insect-like design of the coming VR system Vive Flow Down Nicolas Cage, but thanks to sunglass format, pleasantly little weight on the scales bring.

Applications or goals are according to advertising text the well-being as well as attentive productivity . On the example photos at least the wandering or meditating users do not actively actively actively act (unlike quest players with Beat Saber & Co.).

Among others, an active folder, a removable facial pad and compact folking of the device for transportation. The use of a smartphone connected via Bluetooth as a virtual motion controller is also shown. Pre-orders will start on Friday, October 15 for 499 dollars on; The deliveries in early November. Pre-orderers received a transport housing, seven free VR content as well as a two-month subscription from Infinity / Vista (so far is VivePort Infinity a VR subscription service in the style of the Xbox Game Pass).

Phone-to-VR Streaming is to run with the help of the Miracast standards, for which previously no intervention integration is in a WiFi network. A modern innovation is a lens wheel for the dioptrin setting, according to the leakisher (no more glasses in the headset). On one of the pictures, the device is apparently not wireless, but connected to a cable – where it is not clear what was connected at the other end.

  • E (@evleaks) October 12, 2021

  • E (@evleaks) October 13, 2021

  • E (@evleaks) October 13, 2021

Even HTCS China President Alvin Wang Graylin was apparently forced to take a position indirectly to the Leaks. He again referred to the tomorrow s launch event in his tweet. In this, all the true details would be announced:

Attend The Launch Event and Find Out All The Real Details. ????
Last Day to Sign Up! Check out The Virtual Venue We designed especially for this event. CAN Access via VR, PC, Mac, & Phones. Gowitheflow @htcvive vr immersive gas

Original notification from October 12, 2021, 19:27 clock:

HTC Teasert Recently, an upcoming hardware will be overturned – et al. With an Instagram trailer, which indulged in a new VR headset. As reports, there will be an official involvement to Vive Flow next Thursday, October 14 at 5 pm (to the event in Engage). The device is u.a. advertised with the slogan Go with the flow and various lifestyle scenarios (u.a. a chips- / cinema scenario on the couch or a meditating woman on the beach).

Twitter NFT verification is coming!
The Tech Blog Protocol already has an answer in front of the contest: already a brand entry from the August for a head mounted display and entries in the admission treatment FCC (see H For a new VR headset in the context of the VIVE brand spoken. On September 30, documents were added on the side of the Bluetooth SIG consortium, which called a VR AIO with the code name Hue – that is, an independent VR system without a nice PC. The term hue had already emerged at the beginning of 2020 at HTCS prototypes proton , which has a lean form factor of a (thick) sunglasses. Also, a silhouette posted by HTCS China President Alvin Wang Graylin is strongly reminiscent of the Proton :

Come Find Out How to Unleash Your Potential at Our mail Interactive Event in vr on October 14 AT 11 A.M. EDT. CAN Access via VR, PC, Mac or Phone. Registration Ends in 3 days. Click Link to Reserve Entry. ?????????? gowitheflow xr metavers @htcvive

  • Alvin Wang Graylin (汪丛青) (@Agraylin) October 9, 2021

However, the most important occasion for Protocol s new article apparently gave a secret source, which also wants to flush the blog of such plush. Accordingly, the device directed to end customers should be aligned primarily on media consumption. Since it is to be delivered to the black without controller, but with hand tracking, it is probably only a competition for the VR game machine Oculus Quest 2.

Nevertheless, there is a tracking with 6 degrees of Freedom (6dof), so that you can probably move freely in the room as with the quest 2nd 3DOF device for media consumption as the Oculus Go on the other hand Supported this possibility yet, so that you had to take a stay with stationary media consumption.

Also Protocol also titled the Vive Flow as HTCS attempt to catch up with Facebook in the area of ​​consumer VR. HTCS previous self-containing VR systems such as VIVE FOCUS 3 (around 1400 euros), however, focused on companies.

For the new concentration on end customers, the later allegedly planned involvement of VivePort Versse – a social VR meeting point with a creative editor, ie similar as in Facebooks Horizon Worlds or in REC Room. However, with VivePort Versse it is not a specially developed reciprocation, but only a modification from the Mozilla Hubs offer. Such a strategy would fit at HTC: the company donated on the one hand less financial resources for such projects as a Facebook and licensed slightly modified programs from other manufacturers at the Vive XR Suite Office package.

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