Ranking of 10 most frightening video game monsters

Ranking of 10 most frightening video game monsters

We are finally in October and for many people, it s the immediate start of all that is scary. And to celebrate what is probably the best month of the year, we count the top 10 the most frightening monsters in video games.

The most frightening critters to some of the most terrifying creatures, these gnarled boards will shiver anyone in their boots if they have not faded yet. If you were looking forward to seeing classics like Nemesis or Pyramid Head, you will not find them here. But I promise some of these guys are even scary enough to terrorize these dreams.

Alien films franchises have breathed fear into many people and Alien Insulation was able to amplify this fear of a huge metric ton. There is nothing like having to make a way around the ship, hiding Xenomorph as it tracks tirelessly. Worse still, it can arise from anywhere to shoot down, which is an impressive and horrible exploit of the 8-foot monster.

What is this monster of brain frog? I remember so eagerly from my mother who screamed when she looked at my friends and I were playing Resident Evil 2 for the first time. No matter how many times I meet these guys, they always make me flip. The disgusting brain that is at the top of his head, the skin torn off that leaves only muscles to show me always a shiver. And the worst ? If you do not move fast enough, their reach for you to bring you back to them is too long. In addition, they can simply relax on the roof, making you a target even easier if you do not repeat them right away.

Ah, the poor patients of Massive Asylum, the institution in which Outlast is installed. Although some are not visually frightening as some monsters, unknown and sporadic behavior is what makes these terrifying guys. Sometimes they only spend time watching good old white noise on TV and sometimes they literally tear you a member by member while they pursue you in the hallways. And unlike most creatures in this list, you can not even ripate when it comes to these guys, so you only have to hope to distance them.

You hear the moans and lamentations in the distance, you and your teammates you stop clear in their momentum, dodging quickly to try to hide your steps while you try to make your way around it. In a game that makes you fight hordes of zombies, the witch forces you to stop because any noise you do is his trigger to run you screaming and cutting tirelessly. There is no way to stop his attack barrage and will not fall in front of an obstacle, so she will continue until her last breath (or yours).

Although it is a little more passive than the executioner, Pyramid Head, Valtiel is always absolutely terrifying. Something in the sporadic movements of the head that does not really allow players to see his coriace face while he ramps towards you is a nightmare. Not to mention the way he plays with nurses is sometimes difficult to watch.

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