Black Desert Halloween

Black Desert  Halloween

Pearl Abyss today announced more information about the Black Desert Halloween events, starting on the console on the 2nd of October and on October 15 on the console and last until the 10th of November. This year, the developer team has opted for a steampunk look and much cute and acidic for the adventurers on offer.

The crazy scientist Dr. Marni has created a mysterious scene for Halloween, as made to hunt players a showers over their backs. In the ghost house there is a fearsome quest that adventurers have to find the teddy of a crying child.

In your search, they meet such some ghosts and have to overcome obstacles in the dark. Adventurers also control a mischievous Jack to interact with boxes that contain the teddy. The completion of the quest will be rewarded with special cubes, which are used for the adventure of the pre-historical Black Geists Minigame.

Dr. Mary s Mysterious Scene but offers more mini-games and events where event items and other rewards are waiting:

This year there is a new selection of Halloween activities, such as the Red Light, Green Light Mini Game , where adventurers play an eerie version of the popular breeze

Near the NPC Marcellin fight two robotic creatures named improved UG-4 and UG-5 . Adventurers can bet on the exit and win rewards.
Marni offers quests that lead to its hidden gifts and dice. These can be used in a special adventure of the pre-Schwarzgeiste board game in Black Desert S menu and offer more rewards.
Players can examine Mary s research laboratory and rewarded with the magical Holterdiepolter companion .

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Halloween also offers new participation rewards, which help players on their scary adventures. The rewards contain 100 cron stones, dr. Mary s experimental box, halloween cosplay box and Marynis fuel box.

To celebrate Halloween, Pearl Abyss of the community offers a free DLC package worth 35 €, which can be downloaded on Steam and the official website.

Among other things, a Treasurable Memories Classic Box, Combat and Talent EP, five times 300% scroll (60 min) and advice of Valks (+60). Console players can get the Special Gift Pack containing the same costume and other useful items. The package is available for free in the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

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