Curioses Windows 11 installation with 15 years old Pentium 4 has worked

Curioses  Windows 11 installation with 15 years old Pentium 4 has worked

After Windows 11 was officially published by Microsoft on 5 October, see also our special of October 9th, have already changed many users to the new operating system, even though the upgrade on your PC has not been offered from Windows Update. Because it is always possible at any time a manual upgrade or reinstallation with the appropriate Microsoft tool. As a result, as well as by test installations and upgrade attempts on the part of specialist journalists, some problems have also been revealed. Among other things, it also has often confirmed that the requirements, including security features, requires a fairly modern hardware and otherwise strikes Windows 11 during installation or upgrade. Now WCCFECTech reports a curious case.

Because a Twitter user named Carlos SM1995 has managed to install and enable Windows 11 with a non-Microsoft Intel Pentium 4 661 in the Compatibility List of Microsoft. The processor of the Cedar Mill family for the socket 775 appeared in January 2006, ie over 15 years ago, and clocks with 3.6 Gigahertz. The CPU has only one core, but hyperthreading, so that virtually two virtual cores are available. However, to perform the installation, consciously waived things from Windows 11, which serve to itself serve security and are normally enabled, for example TPM 2.0. However, the example shows that Windows 11 can run by the performance on extremely old hardware. Updates also offered Windows 11 to the user after the installation, so you can talk about that the Microsoft exam routines accept the old hardware.

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20.10.2021 at 14:20

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