Hearthstone Sansnaint returns with gifts in 2021

Hearthstone  Sansnaint returns with gifts in 2021

The patch 21.4 of HEARTHSTONE was an opportunity to introduce the new mercenary play mode, but also install the preparations for Sansnish ​​2021. From October 19 to November 9, enjoy a complete program for the card game. Cosmetics, arena with two classes, suite of legendary quests or iron arm await you.

cosmetics in mess for Sansnaint

A brand new cosmetic pack is already available in stores to get 4 exclusive skins. Offer a new look to the shaman, hunter, mage and priest during your parts. But if it s the battlefields that make you vibrate, a pack for 7 heroes and a barman costume is also available. Yet the party is not over. This year, Sansssaint is also 2 free costumes that can be recovered in store.

Fairy Tale Pack –
Thrall Prince Frog
Rexxar Robin des Bois
Jaina Red Chaperon
Anduin Prince Charming
Pack Battle Fields Sansnaint
7 hero costumes
Model Garrosh King of Pirates –

TNComics November Pack Battle Kit! Time To Take The Throne!! Entry #1
Warrior model
Available from October 19th
GUFF hero, Hurlevent Guard –
BattleGounds Hero Costume
Available from October 26

The Lord of Terror arrives

If he has already been entitled to his appearance in mercenary mode, the Lord of Terror Diablo takes his ease in the tavern. As of November 2nd and for a limited time, Diablo will be a playable character in the battlefield, but also in duels. In this mode, Diablo is both a warrior and a warlock. It is therefore the first representative of heroes with two classes in the game mode.

But for Battlegrounds, it also becomes a target to shoot down. As a raid boss, the player incarnating Diablo will, all 4 rounds, face all other players. The latter will have to shoot him and his war troupe. Each player who succeeds gets loot. But for every victim of the Lord of Terror, the latter also receives rewards.

Three iron arms to rediscover

As every year, the two classic iron arms of Sansnaint come back for 2021. On October 20, it is the uprising of zombied animals that will be in the spotlight in the tavern. On the 27th, the haunted carouse will be back to make you shudder of terror. However, from November 3rd, it is the headless rider in person who ensures the show! Incarking this emblematic character, you will need to help your actor improve to win the victory.

arena with two classes, a classic of Sansnaint

Very popular since its first appearance, the arena with two classes is back. No change in his gameplay, choose a hero, the heroic power of another class, and build a deck by mixing the styles. Unique and epic clashes await you in the tavern thanks to this combination of classes.

new quests to complete

From November 2nd, Sansnish ​​2021 continues to spoil players with the arrival of legendary quests. Complete the 3-quest series to get 4 card packets from the Griffon year. But hurry, because from November 10, these quests leave the tavern to never come back.

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