Battlefield 2042 What has learned EA from the beta phase Improvements new features

Battlefield 2042  What has learned EA from the beta phase   Improvements   new features

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From 6th to 10th October, the betaphase of Battlefield 2042 took place. During this period, interested people had the opportunity to test the upcoming ego shooter on the heart and kidneys.

Electronic Arts shared with the on-site website, which concludes she pulled out of beta phase. At first, however, they thanked for all participants and for their feedback.

In the first paragraph of the contribution, it s about the specialists . Many beta participants have criticized that this system harms the teamplay. According to EA, this is due to several factors. The developers have found that some improvements on the user interface, the ping system and communication within the team must be implemented.

The user interface has some items disabled and a feature for team communication is still missing. Even the distinction between friend and enemy is a problem, which is why the lighting is optimized. In the final version, the teamplay should work significantly better.

In addition, only four specialists were playable in the beta version, which led to lack of variety. Meanwhile, EA has revealed the remaining specialists, which we report in a subsequent article.

The most important changes

Double tank number on orbital. On the new consoles and the PC, up to eight tanks will be in use.

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Better movement. For example, you can jump on moving objects. In addition, excessive jumping should be prevented.
A symbol appears on the screen when a sharp grenade is in your proximity.
Shorter input and output animations in the vehicles. A few are even completely removed.
Revised elevators.
Big Map feature is added.
The kill log can be read better.
Compass remains active if you aim about the visor.
Additional settings for color blinds.
Console players receive access to the chat.

The Performance was also a criticism during the beta phase. Annoying bugs are on the collar and stability on the different platforms should be maximized. The test build did not represent the current status and the additional work of the last two months is not taken into account.

Also on the servers and the matchmaking is hardly crafted. Some players have complained about bot lobies, which could be corrected during the test phase. In addition, one or the other has landed on a server outside of his region. This should not happen to release. Last but not least, the controller players are promised a slightly stronger AIM Assist.

Further messages to Battlefield 2042.

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