PS5 s refueling at Best Buy is better than expected

PS5 s refueling at Best Buy is better than expected

Today a new replenishment of PlayStation 5 was carried out in Best Buy, and although it was not exempt from problems, it was greatly better than many expected. This is mainly because, this time, Best Buy chose not to launch his last stock from the PS5 behind a payment wall. And although there is always the possibility that this payment wall returns in the future, the lack of its appearance this time led to some customers they could finally buy the Sony console.

Not long after this replenishment of PS5 began at Best Buy, social networks began to illuminate with the reactions of customers who still seek to hook the console before this Christmas season. In a general sense, more customers seemed to be successful. However, that success also depended entirely where anyone who wanted to buy the console resided.

At this time, in order to buy the PS5, customers must live within a certain proximity of a Best Buy store that has the hardware. So, if you do not live near a store that has the PS5, you may not be lucky. Although Best Buy has previously applied this rule in certain situations, most PS5 replenishments are made in the same way.

Finally you won a ps5 today? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12. Also, keep reading if you want to see how today s refueling was for some users in social networks.

Just take our money !!

@La better buy thanks once more for not accepting my money for a ps5 because it can be bothering to make your website work properly. He was online a few seconds from activation and was asked to start session 20 times. Bloody amateurs

  • Adam (@Admmikal) October 21, 2021

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Best Buy continues to overload

@ The best purchase is a complete garbage! PS5 was in the cart now I said that I had to verify my account, I never got a check code, and now, how can I log in now that my cart is empty without verification code? Yes!

  • SʞɔᴉZᴉɥD₁₀₁ (@blakkstreetz) October 21, 2021

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The most common problem

I entered the link for a PS5 and I was in my cart, but it was not available in any of the best shopping near SMH

  • ࿏ (@aonjup ) October 21, 2021

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It s been almost a year!

@BestBuysupport @la best purchase has spent a year from the ps5 launch and you still can not gather your shit for the drops. That s why I do not buy anything in your garbage store.

  • William Wallace (@sirdubdub) October 21, 2021

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Canada sounds wonderful

I just arrived from BestBuy in Canada and have PS5 on the shelf for sale.
Five people came out with one in the few minutes that took me to load the new LG OLED TV that we just bought. Without lists or anything, he only enters and goes out with him.

  • Tan Shady (@TheShempire) October 21, 2021

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Do not give up!

I appeared in Best Buy for a PS5 30 minutes after they were run out. I am in complete and absolute anguish

  • 13 Enthusiastic ❼ (@ 19flames ) October 21, 2021

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Fingers crossed

Best Buy may cancel this order for me, but if not, I will have a PS5 next Wednesday.

  • Pezell56x (@ azell56x) October 21, 2021


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