Get up to 1400 ruby for the mission October Mission second half Castle and Dragon will be held from October 16 Saturday

Get up to 1400 ruby for the mission  October Mission  second half  Castle and Dragon will be held from October 16  Saturday

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Asobism Co., Ltd. was known to hold October Mission from October 16, 2002, with Castle and Dragon , which is well received at App Store and Google Play.

Acobism Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ototako) is Castle and Dragon that is well received at App Store · Google Play, October Mission (second half) is October 2021 It will be held from the 16th (Sat).

Castle and Dragon Official Site:
From October 16 (Saturday), we will hold the October Mission (second half) that you can get up to 1400 ruby ​​in the mission clear. If you combine the first half and second half missions and clear the specified number, you can also challenge the Ava Ava Tama that 1000 to 3000 Ruby hit is also possible! Let s try to earn more and more!

October mission (second half) overview

You can earn up to 1400 ruby ​​when achieving the various missions prepared, such as 3 wins in the league . As it is a chance to get rubby more than usual, please try the mission by all means.

Holding period

October 16, 2021 (Sat) 0:00 to October 31 (Sun) 23:59

Mission content and reward

Buy Daily Lucky Bags at the Shop: 50 Buy Daily Lucky Bag 5 times in Ruby Shops: Buy Daily lucky bag 10 times in Ruby Shop: 50 Win 5 Rubby Free Battle: 50 Rubby Trophy Battle 3 wins Win 10 Ruby Trophy Battle: 50 Rubby Trophy Battle 5 wins 5 Winning: 3 Winning in 100 Ruby League: 10 Winning 10 Ruby Leagues: 50 Rubby League: 3 times in Ruby League: 100 Ruby Corps Battle 5 Win 5: 5 Win 5 Ruby Arm on Stadium: 50 Ruby Guccha Glasses! Achieve 10 missions in: 500 ruby

※ Secret mission is not published in the game. You can earn rewards by clearing your requirements, so the contents of the secret of the secret are now understood.

Clear the specified number of missions in the first half and the second half, challenge the Ava Tama in October!

October Mission (finally held at October 15 (Fri)), and after starting from October 16 (Saturday), if you clear a total of 20 out of both missions, reward Aba Tama ticket You can get one. This ticket is a ticket that is necessary to turn the special avalax reward Abba that hits 1000-3000 ruby.
※ Abassa function is available from Castle Lv3

League Overview

The League is a battle event that competes with the League P that can be acquired by participating in the battle during the holding period. After the League ends, the Dragon Medal or Kibadang , with the ranking ranking, and winning the Ruby if you win each battle.

Holding period

October 16, 2021 (Sat) 6:00 to October 18 (Mon) 23:59

Ranking Compensation Content

· Earn Dragon Medal required for character development according to ranking rankings (UP that can be acquired if the League class goes up)
· In advanced classes, you can add more characters to the character Kibadang added

Battle Compensation Content

· Distribute dragon medals according to league class if you win 3 a day
· Distribute keen according to league class every one wins (until 3 wins a day)
· If you win 1, you can distribute 30 ruby ​​(one day one day) etc.

League Badge coin battle battle

During the above period, when you participate in the league and win the battle, badge coin will be given to 5 times a day as a reward. You can always earn 500 badge coins for 50 and 5 wins per win.

Complete Fixing Battle

During the above period, a perfect decision battle will be held for all the battle performed in the League and the draw will be lost. At the end of the battle, even if the HP of the wall is the same, the judgment such as the number of crafts is determined by judgment .

A series of won p bonus

When you win, win as a bonus Uma P will be added. The bonus value of Uma P changes depending on the League class to which each player belongs, and the class God player does not add bonus.

Basic information

Title: Castle and Dragon App Store: https: // MT = 8 Google Play: https: // ID = castleagon: Real-time match strategy price: Basic free (item charge system) compatible OS: iOS / Android Official site: Official Twitter: https: / / iOS Delivery date: February 5, 2015 (Thu) Android Delivery Date: April 16, 2015 (Thursday) Copyright: © ︎ C2015 Asobism Co., Ltd. ALL Rights Reserved.

Company Profile

Company Name: Anova Motor Co., Ltd.: Representative Director Otomo Capital Capital: 10,000,000 yen Established: December 6, 2005 Location: 〒 100-0005, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-1 New Tokyo Building 4F TEL 03-6551 -2813 fax: 03-6551-2692 URL: email: [email protected] Business content: Game planning and development / Planning, development and operation of mobile site / Assovo Consulting Business

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