Line Games Unsembrane UBT Start

Line Games  Unsembrane   UBT Start

[Data provided: Line Games]

Line Games was developed today (13th), developed by Nizes Games, and the UBT (UBT (UBT (UBT (UBT (UBT (UBT (UBT

UBT will proceed for a week until 19 days. Tests are deployed to multiplatform (cross-play support) through mobile (Android OS) and PC (Floor), and anyone can participate if it is 18 years of age or older even if it has not been dictionary registration.

The first episode of the game consisting of five acts consisting of five activities can be released to pre-experience the game story against the resurrection of 13 presence serenity . In addition, the various combinations of runes and high degree of freedom are also able to prevail the unique play of the unexpected unexpected class.

In addition to solo content, PVP and cooperative contents are also disclosed. You can experience the Boss Raid , which can rush the boss with the cooperative play of the users, including the PVP content glory s temple , which can enjoy the user s confrontation, It is also possible to play 8 guild battlefields that can be made of Jingwon.

Line Games shares a questionnaire on UBT and conducts a survey on a survey, while sharing a gameplay image and selecting a game bug and providing a variety of events, such as providing a variety of prizes.

The Line Games official said, I would like to participate in many of the game fans in the unknown testing in the public test. I have to do it.

For more information about information and events for UBT, and events for UBTs, see the Unsemix Floor . Line Games is SNS channels such as Facebook , Discord , and The game information is also disclosed through the official YouTube channel.

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