Line Games Hanbang Unsemix

Line Games Hanbang    Unsemix

[Eye News 24 Municipal Journal] Line Games s next new Unsembra is a challenge on the domestic PC online game market.

As a result of the core & slashes, the unique game in various communities is noteworthy that the universe that is quietly visible is noteworthy.

According to the game industry on the 13th, Line Games (Representative Kim Min-kyu) will conduct unconscissing tests for 7 days for seven days from this day to 19th. The first test after the unexpected release, the test is carried out as a multi-platform such as PC and mobile (Android OS) devices. The platform cross-play also supports. The company will be able to conduct formal services after verifying the game performance through this test.

The Lord is the first published action role at the new work presentation held by line Games in April, (RPG). Focused on the fun of character growth through the sophisticated graphics and fascinating actions, pamming, and skills that are produced by Unreal Engine 4.

This game has no separate class concepts. It is characterized by that the skills to be used and primarily use the skill to be used directly and to grow the character in the desired direction through the rune. The fun of the hunt of the core and slash was also implemented.

The Nizes Games, who are in charge of development, is a professional development manpower who has participated in a variety of game development, including Jeong-young, representative of the Rinsee 2 Revolution, Ross Arc, as well as Ross Arc. Line Games has signed a publishing agreement of Nise Games and Unembar, in April last year.

The unlistible is a recent game community and is quietly emerging as an idiot. Recently, it is a rare PC Online new work, high graphic quality, etc. It is noteworthy that the Diablo 2 residents released by Blizzard is a success, as the interest in nuclear & slash RPG genre is increasing as interesting is increasing.

Line Games I want to experience the fun of the core & slashes of the nuclear & slashes, which are directly controlled by this unknown test, he said, It is said that I will do my best.

Starting the Unembon, the next lineup of the line Games will continue to continue to be invited. The company s PC Action RPG The Vanchey, Netmabble F & Sea s Mobile Adventure RPG Crystal Hearts 2: Dimensional Compass, Studio Lago s Project House Hold, Space Dive Games PC Online The game Quantum Nights has been released.

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