What do you have to know about New World if you come from other MMOs

What do you have to know about New World if you come from other MMOs

A massively multiplayer online parlor game (MMORPG) is a computer game that incorporates aspects of a role-playing video clip game and also an enormously multiplayer online video game.
As in parlor games (RPGs), the gamer represents a personality (commonly in a fantasy world or science-fiction world) as well as takes control over much of that character s actions. MMORPGs are identified from single-player or little multi-player online RPGs by the variety of players able to interact together, and by the video game s consistent world (normally organized by the video game s author), which continues to exist and progress while the gamer is offline and away from the video game.
MMORPGs are played throughout the world. Worldwide incomes for MMORPGs surpassed half a billion dollars in 2005, as well as Western earnings went beyond a billion bucks in 2006. In 2008, the costs on subscription MMORPGs by consumers in North America and Europe grew to $1.4 billion.World of Warcraft, a prominent MMORPG, had more than 10 million subscribers as of November 2014. Wow s overall income was $1.04 billion US dollars in 2014. Star Wars: The Old Republic, launched in 2011, came to be the world s Fastest-Growing MMO Ever before after acquiring greater than 1 million clients within the initial 3 days of its launch.

The new MMORPG from Amazon makes a lot different than the MMORPGs that you know otherwise. If you come from another MMO and does not know yet, Obnew World is something for you, you are right here.

What is New World? Basically, New World is an Open World MMORPG. Although there are some of this in the market, but New World makes a lot different and mixes old concepts with new ideas.

A special highlight of New World is the classless character system in which you do not have to select class at the beginning of the game, as you know that from other MMORPGs. This is just one of the points that make the new MMO from Amazon so great.

Which features will bring New World with? The MMORPG brings a variety of different core features that immerse yourself in the world and disappear on the island of Aernum:

An open world on the island of Aernum, which can score with an exciting story
PVE content with quests, expeditions and events like invasions
PVP tasks with separate game modes and wars around the territory controls
A magnificent sound design and an appealing graphic
11 different weapons and three different arms classes that you can master
17 Life skills that help you interact with raw materials in the world

New World on Steam

Proven concepts with new ideas

What makes New World differently? Amazon s new MMO takes many ideas from other games and thinks one step further. So many games have open-world PVP and settlements, but New World connects both a unique area struggle shaped by wars and invasions.

Open-world nevertheless new

What do you already know? Open worlds that applies to explore, there was already in the MMO genre. Also, the question marks that you discover on the map and behind which new places hide is known at the latest since Ubisoft in and memorize.

What is new? new world renounces a minimap and uses instead a compass on the upper edge of the screen. That stimulates you to explore the world. In addition, you can actually go nowhere, without giving it something to do that will help you.

Even if you just make simple faction quests, you slowly claim the area for your group, which can bring you various benefits.

Guilds with more meaning

What do you already know? Guilds are called New World Companies and offer a home for many games. A company can record and manage up to 100 players and offers a way to entertain and meet.

What is new? In New World, companies have greater significance than that s the case in most MMOs. A guild automatically includes one of the three factions in the game and then fights for the glory of the group on the island of Aerneum.

As a company, your reputation can win in the different areas and drive that far until you can explain the war to the area. If you then make it to defeat the defensive group, your company can take the settlement for yourself.

With the administration of the settlement comes an important point for the company, because now area maintenance costs must be applied and at the same time you can take money with taxes in the settlement.

In addition, you can decide which buildings are expanded in the settlement and thus take a significant impact on the events in the world as a company.

PVP modes in which PVE players feel comfortable

What do you already know? Often one has two separate communities in MMORPGs, the PVE and the PVP players. Rarely overlap these groups and that has many reasons. PVE players often do not like the performance pressure in PVP matches or just do not want to worry about other players.

What is new? In addition to the voluntary Open-world-PVP, New World brings more PVP modes, the most interesting of them is the outpost conquest mode. Because there you can also have fun as a PVE player.

You do not have to fight there not only against other players, but can also simply reduce wood and stones to improve the defense systems of your outposts. Or you can kill stronger NPCs away from the paths, which you can then use as a weapon against the enemy players.

The mode is an absolutely successful mix of PVE and PVP and could be exactly what it takes to bring together both communities.

Classless class system but with classes

What do you already know? A Holy Trinity between tank, healers and damage classes exist since it gives MMORPGs. Also, it is available in New World, but there are no solid classes. Also with the weapons, New World largely relies on well-known friends such as the strike ax or sword and shield, but still with their own trick.

What s new? In New World, you do not choose a class, you are looking for a weapon. These weapons can be levels by using them and then unlocking new skills for them. Each weapon collapses on a different attribute.

There are also three different arms classes that you can even mix to create your own class. This allows you to form your own version of healers, tanks and damage classes and even determine your attributes directly to create a hybrid from everything.

Up to a certain level, you can also reset your issued points for free, which causes trousing and leaves your variety free run.

Harvesting the fun

What do you already know? In most MMORPGs, your raw materials can reduce and then process them to other things. Often, however, this is rather annoying than fun and needs to be made to make equipment. Or does not have to be done, because crafting is likely to be neglected.

What is new? In New World all life skills are designed so that they are fun. Every time you fall a tree, your ability to fall wood and you will be faster or can cause larger trees. Similarly, this works with all Life skills.

This leads to the fact that you can do virtually nothing in New World, which brings you a progress. That feels absolutely satisfying after a hundred hours and is a beautiful trick to make the collection of resources as well as the crafting exciting and rewarding.

In addition, you can obtain the best equipment in the game in New World by crafting. So it does not just feel good to look good at raw materials, but also great rewards await you.

Sounddesign of the extra class

What do you already know? Many MMORPGs come with a good soundtrack and partially sonicated dialogues. Also New World offers a pleasant and atmospheric soundtrack, but there is more behind it.

What is new? Not only every main squest, but even most side quests are fully set in New World and that in several languages, even in German. So if you are something readfaul, New World is optimal for you.

In addition, the sound of the weapons or the degradation tools is very good and alone through the sound of your pickaxe on the rock, you feel like to reduce ore. The shot of a musket sounds hundreds of meters far through a valley and when you fire a bow, you can listen after the arrow. The sound design of New World is simply outstanding and something that is definitely unused by other MMOs.

So you can take some things that New World makes differently than other MMORPGs. If that responds to you, nothing is to oppose a trip to Aeternum.

New World on Steam

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