Lattle new scenario and new field Knossos

Lattle  new scenario and new field Knossos

Actos Soft said on his Action RPG Rattle on the 27th that the Knossos update and the cursed forest event were held.

First, I released a new scenario and a new field Knoco Source that contained the story that leaves the unknown ruins Knossos to find the items necessary to slow down the appearance of twenty. In addition, a new 4-person instance dungeon the memory of the heart and Arcro s was opened. In the dungeon, you can see the new Boss Monster Fashpa and Minos, and a new monster, such as Ri Cat and Kno Source Golem, appears.

In addition, it introduced a new system beauty collection that can be more intuitive and conveniently changed, and various updates were conducted such as new NPC Talos addition, and regeneration of auction system.

Actos Soft has established a Cursed Forest event that can be conducted through NPC Priest Isaac in the event map that commemorates this update and Halloween. First of all, I am supposed to provide a feminized product such as Rattle Bonus Coin and a Mysterious Cryatic Damage Amplifier, and will be able to exchange event items that can be replaced with items such as Ceres, Boxes in Patience. And according to the accumulated connection time, it presents the Garle of Ces, Grilled Garlic, which can enjoy various buff effects.


In addition, we have prepared a collection of pumpkin candies to provide a daily quest and weekly quest that can acquire a variety of items and weekly quests, and use the excavation skills in the event map. In addition, a total of nine events are performed such as an instance dungeon event and an event that proceed in a mini-game method.

For more information about updates and events of casual action RPG Rattle, detailed information can be checked through a special page.

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