More than emotions How Baumgart has turned Cologne s football

More than emotions  How Baumgart has turned Cologne s football

If Steffen Baum takes the prize for the football asset of the year when he is short-sleeved at the side line in the cold Stuttgart, if he carefully conducted every little scene, as if he had learned at Pep Guardiola – then the drawers quickly open: here the drawers quickly open: Moody 1. FC Cologne, there the new coach with the slide hat, which reinvested him full of emotions and authenticity.

Of course, that s all true, just something more was needed to make a now – stable and recognized Bundesliga clubs from the fast-relegated the preseason. A data analysis shows how much Baumgart has changed the deciding on the 1st FC Cologne: the football itself.


in a category is Cologne Bundesliga first

The most striking thing is that the FC has become a real pressing machine. With 54.2 successful pressing situations per game (success rate: 34.4 percent), Baumgarts team is even bundesliga leader (previous year: 45.7 / 14). The pressing situations in the opposing third has risen from an average of 30.9 to 41.6. The Cologne is therefore more common and earlier than 2019/20, but also have a plan.

More Aggressiveness und More Cleverness – It also fits in that you will be significantly denominated between two bunks per game (117 instead of 106), but hardly any more fouls commit (12.2 instead of 11: 6). Although the high pressing has so far also lead to the most dangerous opportunities (XGoals value of the opponent at 1.78 instead of 1.63) and minimally more goals (1.78 instead of 1.76 per game). Above all, it revives your own offensive.

More offensive, more Pressing, more sprints: 1. FC Cologne under Steffen Baumgart. Steffen Baum

After conquests, Anthony Modeste & Co. against the short-term disordered opponents come to more opportunities and scenes in more dangerous zones. In section not only significantly more degrees compared to 2020/21 (15.1 instead of 10.6), but also more on goal (4.4 instead of 3.03) with higher probability of success (XGoals value at 1.48 instead of 1, 15).

You can not get past the modestest

And: they use their chances of pretty cool: With 1.67 goals per game, they exceed their XGoals value (1.48) significantly, whereby nobody passes past bodies. The scorer has already met six times with an XGoals value of 3.7; Especially he gets remarkably much out of his possibilities.

The offensive benefits that Baumgart designs the Cologne game more active than its predecessors. The average possession value increased from 46 to 55 percent, which the long balls from 66.3 reduced to 59.2 per game – at a higher success rate (55 instead of 48.2 percent). His team also sprints more (228- instead of 219 times per game). And there are baumgarts runs in the coaching zone not even included.

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