Already 155 million GTA 5 also sells 2021 as cut bread

Already 155 million  GTA 5 also sells 2021 as cut bread

There is already a little more than eight years that the fifth part of the Grand-Theft auto series has been released, but the hype around the game is not yet extinguished in 2021. On the contrary: recently, the popular Open World Oldie reaches a new milestone with 155 million units sold.

How successful is GTA 5?

With now more than 155 million sales, GTA 5 has secured second place in the ranking of the best-selling video games and thus only has to be beaten with more than 230 million sales.

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Already in the first 24 hours after the release of the game on September 17, 2013, the developer played about $ 800 million (surrounded around 692 million euros) into the cash registers. After three days there were already over a billion. This had not succeeded in any other video game before and since then the sales figures are still in the hump on the hump.

Currently, GTAs account for nearly 50% of the sales of the entire Grand-TheFT auto series, which is further proof of the popularity of the game.

Why is GTA 5 so successful?

The action classic owes his success to his sheer endless diversity above all. You have to do something in this game as good as always or discover something and the possibilities seem limitless. The main reason for this is the still very successful EmulitPlayer-Part GTA online.

In addition, Rockstar, mainly with the online players, ensures that the content can never go out with constant updates and introduction of new elements, weapons or cars. Most recently, there were Goodies for the 20th GTA-3 anniversary.

In addition, GTA 5 s Roleplay servers have grown further in recent months, which ensures additional suggestion to buy the game and to write his own story in Los Santos as a policeman, gangster or taxi driver. A burglary of the sales figures seems to continue to be in sight under these circumstances.

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What about GTA 6?

GTA 6 is probably still waiting for himself, but at least the release of GTA: The Trilogy – definite edition and brings GTA 3, GTA Vice City (Buy Now) and GTA San Andreas on PC and Modern Consoles.

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