DOSB President H rmann Planned overthrow at the DOSB

DOSB President H rmann  Planned overthrow at the DOSB

Meanwhile, there are protocols and documents in front of conspiratorial meetings, which there were exactly this form of overturn at the top of the DOSB, said the 61-year-old boss of the German Olympic Sports Federation in the interview of the German Press Agency. As a result of an anonymous letter allegedly from DOSB employees, in which a fear culture was denounced in the headquarters, Hörmann had announced his withdrawal since then.

There is clarity about the different candidates around succession. It is also recognizable who quickly came to the microphones and proclaimed the new beginning, Hörmann said. There you would not have to be tactically trained where the true motifs would be.

Hörmann s possible successor

Aufzeichnung Tokio 2021 Austausch DOSB und Athleten

As a candidate for the DOSB top office, the diverting table tennis world association President Thomas Weikert and Stefan Klett, President of the Landesportbundes North Rhine-Westphalia. By mid-November, a committee wants to present the candidates or candidates. The successor is elected on 4 December at the General Assembly in Weimar.

On the basis of interviews with around 75 percent of employees, the Wiesbaden counseling company PERGIMTO commissioned by interviews with around 75 percent of the employees has now concluded that no culture of anxiety was determined in the DOSB, it was said in the analysis published on Tuesday.

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