Denuvo has caused dozens of PC games to stay without working this weekend

Denuvo has caused dozens of PC games to stay without working this weekend

The BAFTA Honors for Video Games (ING. British Academy Games Honors are rewards provided every year by the BAFTA, to honor the exceptional achievements in imagination within the video game market. They were offered for the initial time in 2004 after the restructuring of The BAFTA interactive rewards.

There has always been a lot of debate around Denude. The anti-piracy system has given more than one and two headaches to players, since sometimes it is really effective but, in return, its inclusion directly affects the performance of PC games. We saw it a couple of weeks ago with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and on this occasion it is again news.

As NGC has collected, this weekend dozens of PC video games have been affected by an error in the system den ow. In reset, users echoed quickly from this problem, and even shared captures where the following message is read when they tried to run a game in Steam: You can not connect to the server, check your Internet connection and retry.

Denuvo Just Broke A LOT Of Games

Recent titles As Guardians of the Galaxy have been affected, but also others as diverse as Football Manager 2022, the Saga Tomb Raider, the Saga Wallenstein, Planet Zoo or Total War: Warhammer. All of them and some more have presented diverse problems when trying to be played by users.

Denude has ensured that the problem has already been resolved Finally, thanks to an official statement that the company sent to Gamer, we know the reason: The expiration of a domain name. This, called Code fusion. Technology, would have expired last Sunday, and since Denude itself has been ensured that the problem is already resolved and that there should be no limitation for players.

Therefore, users can already execute the affected games. One of the most recent is the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, whose launch at the end of last October has given Square Enix some air, after problems with Avengers. The title of the avengers did not convince the majority of players, nor to criticism, and even from the company they rated it as disappointing.

It is not the case of the adventures of Star lord, Rocket, Zamora and company. It is not easy to change half and take a license so dear in the cinema to video games, but Lidos Montreal has achieved a solid title and much better directed than its predecessor. If you want to know more about him, you can take a look at our Guardians analysis of the Galaxy.

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What is DENUDE?

If you do not know the nature of this system well, Manuel Mailbox explained it well in 3D games a little over a year ago: Denude is an protection technology Antics. Its function is to prevent users from using unauthorized copies of a software — the commonly called pirates — and enters within what we will call digital rights management technologies, also denominated by its acronym in English: DRM. These anti-space management and protection technologies can be presented in various ways in many media. In video games, its function focuses on assessing the validity of a license and avoiding user modifications.

The peculiarity of DENUDE against other alternatives of its own nature, is that it is not an external program, but is integrated into the code itself of the video game and is executed as a part of it. This makes it a relatively efficient system in its work: slow down the distribution of pirate copies of a video game; Although not infallible.

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