Timothy Chandler draws balance It was a lot of Tohuwabohu

Timothy Chandler draws balance  It was a lot of Tohuwabohu

A turbulent year 2021 in many ways approaches the end. As if the Corona pandemic alone did not harm enough damage, the harmonics were kept densely clocked smaller and larger construction sites, especially personal in nature. In summer and even the last season, it was very turbulent: who works, who goes, who stops, a bit of circus up, then a new coach is looking for, transfers in summer, Filip ( poetic, wanted to strike to Radio Rome, Note d. Red. ) and Amino ( Houses, liberated since summer, note d. Red. ) — It was a lot of Tohuwabohu, Chandler looks back. The defender, a brewing nature as she is in the book, could not be fooled by it: I am very relaxed with the situation. In the end, when everything is over, count the club and the team, which is then here. With us Always there is a good mood in the cabin.

Tohuwabohu -Genesis 1: Without form and void!

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Chandler: Was not all gold, what we have conjured up in the last few weeks…

The fact that the team is intact despite the bumpy start of the season, not the least document the three last minute hits against Leipzig (1: 1), Piraeus (2: 1) and Fürth (2: 1) in the past English week. Footballer we do not show the level of months earlier. We have to playfully improve. But I do not worry, as long as we still bring this mentality to the place, says Chandler. The 31-year-old openly clears: We know that we have a lot to do and not everything was gold, what we have conjured up in the last few weeks…

A scary first half as last in the table deadline from Fürth is not easy for him to understand. Some are too many thoughts, who believes Chandler and explains, Against Fürth, many players go pure with the thought: Today you have to win. Then you are not so relaxed in mind. It is all the more important to come into play through good actions and passports — which was not just in Fürth. If we do not play in playfully, we must at least accept the two-fighting and win to come to the game, demands the outer chest.

Chandler relaxed: Frankfurt rank two in the mileage

Most recently, coach Oliver Glaser had spoken of that because of the many English weeks and international matches, only in very small steps will be progressed until the winter break. That estimates Chandler as well: Of course we are impatient. But impatience is not always so good. We want more and more, more, more. Nevertheless, we have to take small steps. In the first third of the past season, everyone had such their problems, although they could even focus on the DFB Cup and the league because they did not play internationally. I ve read in the Fürth that at the same time we had only one point last year. So I m relaxed and knows that we will bring everything in the place and collect points. I m not worried, says Chandler. That this is not a laissez-faire attitude, becomes clear if he says: It is important that we work hard. If I knew that we do there and not everyone works hard on the square, I would say that we would say have a big problem. But on the basis of the runner statistics you can see what the boys tear off. With an average of 118 kilometers, Frankfurt is located in second place behind Armenia Bielefeld (119.8).

For Chandler personally, the season runs similarly changeable as for the entire entrance. Time he plays left, right, sometimes he sits on the bench, sometimes on the grandstand. He sees this constantly changing role with the necessary serenity. If you are here for so long and has such a sunny mind, does not make you too crazy anymore. I came from zero, have made good games we have also won, then I was out again. In Piraeus, I came back from zero again, and we won there, summarizes Chandler on and from the last few weeks. When he plays, he focuses mainly on his core business: the defensive. In Piraeus I played on the left. Nobody can expect from me that I m offensively doing what Filip makes. I m Timmy, play my football and help the team as I can do it, says the former US born in Frankfurt National player. With his ambition and reasonable self-assessment, he has brought it far, including national team will soon stand 300 professional games in his Vita. This can be seen.

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