World Cup qualifier Kuntz

World Cup qualifier  Kuntz

Through a river victory against Gibraltar and a stark Patter of the Norwegian, the Turkish football national team with coach Stefan Kurtz has received her chance on playoff-Square two and a World Cup participation.

The hosts made the pointless outsider in Istanbul with 6: 0 (3: 0). Because in parallel Norway without BVB-Superstar Erlang Haaland against Latvia came only to a goalless draw, it is likely to come to a final duel of the dot Turks and Norwegians (both 18) in the group G next Tuesday (20.45 clock).

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Due to the surprising spot loss of the Scandinavians, the Netherlands can already make the group victory with a victory in the evening game in Montenegro and perfect the World Cup participation. Orange would not be able to displace 22 points with then 22 points.

At Kurtz debut, Turkey had to be satisfied with a 1: 1 against Norway; Against Latvia they won in the ninth minute of heated injection time through a penalty with 2: 1.

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