The update to Outrider s is there and the players celebrate it Finally I can enjoy the endgame

The update to Outrider s is there and the players celebrate it   Finally I can enjoy the endgame

With New Horizon BrachTriderers for the first time since the release of fresh content into the game. There were also some changes to the endgame. Mango summarizes for you how the update arrives at the players.

What is New Horizon? This is the first, great content update for Outriders. The Loot Shooter had more than bumpy start in April 2021, fighting numerous problems and lost several players.

The majority of the year had the developers therefore struggling with bug fixes and other difficulties.

Now a large part of these problems has been fixed and with New Horizon you want to start in the next phase. For this, the update brought some changes that have long been desired by the community.

The endgame and its expeditions were properly cropped. It is called endgame 2.0.
Tiago, the OUR of Outriders was finally improved and is now useful.
There is now a completely free and easy-to use Tran smog system.
In addition, there were some balance changes that the players should make stronger for the toughest missions.
On top of that there are four brand-new expeditions.

The full patch notes can be found in the Subreddit of Outrider. (via Reddit)

But how is the update now at the players? Meanwhile, there are some first voices and the blades quite positive. We summarize the reactions to the update for you.

Previously, you can also read our view pt to the New Horizon update:

Expeditions are now finally edible

The players react to the expeditions: This is probably the greatest innovation at the update and at the same time the most popular.

The swipe of the timer is taken particularly positively. Previously, it was in expeditions so that the quality of the reward depended on how fast one could complete such a mission.
That led to frustration and one-sided build variety. Since you had to achieve fast times, there is no choice but to build DPS builds to share as much harm as possible.
Without the timer, these missions are changing strongly, although nothing changes to the basic content.

For example, User Erik sievert writes: I would never have let me dream that I can finish a CT15 alone. Now I can. Finally, I m no longer bound to the level of my equipment. I can finally enjoy the endgame, and it will take me many hours in the next few days. (via Reddit)

Without the timer, it is now possible to tactically and try different approaches.

The new expeditions also get well. Rock for Life says: I only played two, but they are great. Although they use enemies that existed in the game, but they were not in the [old] expeditions. Again against a shaman to fight made fun, but I love the return of the spider boss. I can not wait for what the other two ready for me. All about good work. (via Reddit)

Nevertheless, DPS builds are still in the advantage and clearly pleasant to play. In total, many returnees are convinced of the changes to the expeditions.

But there is another part of the update that strikes for many positive: Tran smog.

So Tran smog should be installed in all games

What is that? With a Tran smog system you can set the look of your armor and weapons regardless of their values. So you determine how your character should look like without having to change your build.

The new system allows you to unlock each part in a Tran smog library in OUTRIDERS. But you only have to have it in the inventory.
Have you released a variant once, you can use the look at any time for another part.
This also applies to clasps, for example, you can rumble with a legendary pyromania armor, although you play the assassin and so on.

There are no additional costs or resources needed, you have to only have found a variant once. Unfortunately, that does not apply retroactively, so you have to be new to what you used to disassemble or sold once.

This is how the system arrives: Players who could test the system are thrilled.

NEW Outriders Horizon Update BROKE THE GAME!
Rock for Life writes: Easy, fast and free. Unlimited often. Each design is immediately shared between all our characters. So it has to be done.

Overall, the update is seen positively with the players, but there are also a restriction.

Who should look at the update?

This means a player: User Modified already has a clear opinion. He can only recommend the update players who have not previously achieved everything:

If you are a new or returned player who was a casual or slower Grinder, who had not yet had all legendary objects, still wanted to achieve awards and had something to do in total? Great content! […] If you are an endgame player, have everything named every item and have reached all awards? The update does not give us an incentive to return for a long time.

Via Reddit

As soon as you have played the new content, there would not be much more to discover. Here, however, the player refers to the upcoming add-on, which was announced for 2022.

So that the players stay until then, Modified does not see any other way to deliver new content monthly. Whether this will happen is questionable.

Because OUTRIDERS does not define itself as a live service game as the Division, Destiny 2 or other online games.

After all, the new update brings a positive mood into the community that has not existed since the launch.

What do you think about the update? Could you already test it? Or is this not enough to play Outriders for the first time or again?

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