1 FC Cologne Baumgart dents Svensson Respect

1  FC Cologne  Baumgart dents Svensson Respect

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Football Bundesliga 1. FC Cologne can resort to Ell yes Shirt. The midfielder is available after his knee injury in the game at PSV Mainz 05 on Sunday (17:30 pm / DAZN) again. Ell yes will be in the squad, but not in the starting eleven stands. But he can be a very good option for a substitution, said coach Steffen Rampart, the personnel can be made of full drawing. Rampart has great respect for the opponent. BO Venison has managed to make a unity from the Mainz team. They play very good football. It is difficult to pass there, said Rampart, but said, We want to go on our way.

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