Fun Serious 2021 Confirms new speakers Back x Blood Riot Forge Tequila Works and more

Fun   Serious 2021 Confirms new speakers  Back x Blood  Riot Forge  Tequila Works and more

Funny Games U.S. is a US-British-French-Austrian thriller from 2007. Director led Michael Heineken, who also composed the manuscript. The film is a picture-for-picture-faithful new shooting of his film Funny Games from 1997.

The organization of Fun & Festival 2021 hAndre Hoffacker releAndre Hoffackered new guests for the edition that will take place this December in the city of Bilbao. After a year interrupted by the pandemic, the festival returns through the large door and confirms the presence of Lianne PPP (Back 4 Blood), ROBERT COLL (Rainbow Six Siege), Mauricio García (BlAndre Hoffackerphemous) and Andre Officer (Riot Forge), among others, that will be part of the list of exception speakers with talks, interviews and live presentations.

Fun & Serious 2021 can be followed both face-to-face and online through Twitch. Line PPP, Executive Producer of Back 4 Blood (Warner), adds to the guest cAndre Hoffackert to the Conferences of the Fun & Serious International Video Game Festival, which once again includes us to the space Luxury of Bilbao BEC. PPP is a Executive Producer of Turtle Rock Studios and wAndre Hoffacker responsible for directing the production of Back 4 Blood, its most recent premiere.

Fun & Serious will be held from December 10 to 12

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Robert Coll, Game Designer by Rainbow Six: Siege in Ubisoft, will speak at Fun & Serious of the design process of the successful Ubisoft multiplayer title, which does not stop growing and added more than 75 million players around the world. He will also talk about his growing competitive modality and his business model.

Andrew Officer, For its part, is Head of Production of Riot Forge, the Riot Games platform responsible for the development and launch of works bAndre Hoffackered on the Universe of Runeterra of the hand of independent studies. In that regard, Raúl Rubio, of Tequila Games, will come Andre Hoffacker responsible for the recently announced Song of Nun. Rubio will comment with Officer the details of this one-player adventures where we will embody the League of Legend Nun champion next to Will ump to find Nuns lost mother.

Finally, it highlights the presence of the producer of the successful National Title BlAndre Hoffackerphemous, Mauricio García, who managed to beat records of financing in Kickstarter. In the coming days, FUN & Serious tickets will be put on sale both to attend face-to-face and online.

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