Presidential election at DFB Papenburg promotes mixed double at the top

Presidential election at DFB  Papenburg promotes mixed double at the top

Gaby Ypenburg has spoken out for a mixed double at the top of the German Football Association.

The co-founder of the womens initiative Football can do more, however, does not believe that a candidate is suggested. For this, the persistent forces at the DFB are just too strong. But a double tip would be exactly what would be good for the DFB at the moment, Ypenburg said in a German Footballs show interview.

There are so many serious problems that the association has to tackle in the future — this burden would be much better spread at the top on two shoulders than just on one, said the TV presenter. And have a mixed double here — that would be totally suitable.

As candidates for the Presidential Office at the DFB, Peter Peters and Bernd Bettendorf have been proposed. The Bundestag is elected on 11 March 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. A twin peak reject the amateur representatives.

Encrusted Systems at DFB

Ypenburg criticized the encrusted systems at DFB. This also shows itself that the regional associations send their representatives to the race and find the basis for the candidate selection virtually no hearing.

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These people were elected at some point. With this mandate, however, they leave the basis and no longer ask there, said Ypenburg. In terms of future DFB President, the German football is currently doing very well if he really had the opinion of the base.

Their initiative observes very precisely what happens at the moment at the DFB, Ypenburg said. In December, there will be a new paper from us, in which we evaluate our conversations with the associations and clubs and show a possible future way, she announced.

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