Promotions on black Friday New World Elder Scrolls Online Guild Wars 2

Promotions on black Friday  New World  Elder Scrolls Online  Guild Wars 2

Tomorrow’s Black Friday, so on the internet it flew from the great game promotions. Let’s start, maybe from the largest of them, or autumn sales on the steam that has already started.

new world -107 PLN (25% reduction)
Elder Scrolls online -23 PLN (70% reduction)
Black Desert -4 PLN (a 90% reduction)
Shadow bane -20 PLN (50% reduction)
Swords of Legends online -90 PLN (40% reduction)
Fallout 76 -42 PLN (reduced by 75%)
ARK: Survival evolved -35 PLN (reduced by 67%)
Gloria Victim -28 PLN (60% reduction)
Last Oasis -54 PLN (50% reduction)
myth eon -18 PLN (50% reduction)
Star base -87 PLN (30% reduction)
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet -30 PLN (reduced by 80%)
The Yellow King -18 PLN (reduced by 80%)
Naval Action -36 PLN (50% reduction)
ELITE DANGEROUS -28 PLN (reduced by 75%)
Sea of ​​thieves -85 PLN (40% reduction)
Wild Terra 2 -55 PLN (50% reduction)
Son -35 PLN (reduced by 67%)
Destiny 2 — Add to 36 PLN
RED Dead online -44 (50% reduction)
WARM UNLIMITED -52 PLN (50% reduction)

We must mention one more promotion. Well, Arena net informs here that from November 26 to December 1 in friendly stores you will be able to buy the Path of Fire add-on (containing the Heart of Thorns addition) for half the price.

So in this case, instead of $30, you will pay only $15 (PLN 62).

You do not have to buy anything more. This package provides access to the entire Content of Guild Wars 2.

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We also remind you of Sale in Blizzard, where World of Warcraft: Shadow lands has been overprinted by 50%, Diablo 2 Resurrected by 25%, and Overwatch by 50%.

Link here.

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