Martina M ller World Champion storms in the Oberliga

Martina M ller  World Champion storms in the Oberliga

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Winning Run 2020 Verbier Freeride Week by Dynastar 2* #1 SKI WOMEN - Martina Müller (SUI)
Six years ago, they finished their professional career, since this season they are in the Oberlin on the ball. Isn’t it completely without football?

The football has always been my great passion. If the body then works so far that you can continue to practice the sport, as is the case with me despite myself soon 42 years, one should continue to pursue my passion.

It is this imper son, which makes me the charm on amateur football.

Martina Müller’s charm at amateur football

What irritates her to amateur football?

It is this ineffable, which makes the appeal for me. With my current club it is the way it was in the youth or in my beginnings in the professional sector, where the conditions were not so professional as they are today. There are the places that are not as perfect as with the professional clubs, you run past the Bratwurstbude and is a lot closer to people in the place. That’s how I started football at that time, and it makes me huge fun to return to these roots now.

What role do you take in the team? Is there a certain celebrity status ?

I want to be the simple Martina Müller here. With the opponents it is off and then maybe in mind that I have played higher, but I do not want to have a special status, even if that sometimes has not always arrived at the spectators. There are already sayings, which also hurts. It is a privilege that I could practice my passion for a while, at least in part, as a profession and I realize that others did not have this privilege. I want to be treated like anyone else, as I do it even with the people. I am important to me that people know that you can approach me and talk completely to me. What I got to hear in all the years is that I stayed on the ground and for me there is no reason why I should have withdrawn.

Before the season, you have changed from STV Holland to TSV Broke. How did this decision conclude?

I played the last three, four years in the national league, in the summer, however, the team has changed very much. Many friends and also players at my age have stopped for professional or private reasons, the corona break came during which we have not played for a long time. Then there was also with me the consideration, how and where I want to continue playing. I have already contacted Marcel (Kirchhoff, Trainer TSV Broke, Note d. R.), who spoke with me about a possible change. At the first opportunity, I did a trial at TSV. I am a person who always needs goals and found it attractive to test my potential again, even if I certainly no longer have the level of 2015. But the opportunity to play higher-class again, then given the rash to the change.

Goals are a good keyword. It is not known to you on titles, the Torjägerkanone ™ is for all for you as a striker nevertheless an incentive?

This is not my absolute goal, but if I can help you achieve our team goals, it would of course be nice. It would be difficult for me if I should actually get the goalkeeper cannon, but we would miss the climb that we made each other. Then I could not really look forward to this award. I am apart from the coach, but not angry if he gives me a break and gives other players the chance. I’m not like Robert Lewandowski, which the personal award seems very important to be very important and do not shoot each penalty (smiles). For me, success with the team is clearly in the foreground.

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