SC Paderborn Playful Victory in Sandhausen

SC Paderborn Playful Victory in Sandhausen

The SC Paderborn missed the leap on relation rank three in the 2nd football Bundesliga. The Ostwestfalen did not come beyond a 1-1 (1: 0) at the SV Tannhauser and have been unbeaten since five games. Marcel Medley (5.) scored the early guidance gate for the guests.

In the 17th minute Pascal Destroyed failed with a weakly shot trade meter of Tor wart Jannie Hugh and awarded the great opportunity for 1: 1 compensation. Basis Adding (90. + 3) then honored for late balancing.

Thus, the SCP also missed the sixth threesome in an activism in this season. On the other hand, the VS is still at home without victory and remains the weakest homeland in the 2nd league.

Sandhausen - Paderborn 1-1 Highlights | 2. Bundesliga - 2021/2022

Tannhauser rewards

The SCP was missing in yellow-bleeded Sven Michel (13 goal directors) and the injured Felix plate (six hits) a strong offensive duo. But early leadership hit self-confidence in the actions of the Paderborn. Tannhauser was difficult to embarrass the good staggered defense of the guests.

In the second half, the hosts reinforced their efforts and increased their offensive play. The reward was the compensation.

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