Heavy Metal Handball How Magdeburg is spared the competition

Heavy Metal Handball  How Magdeburg is spared the competition

If it is necessarily a comparison to the German popular number one, the Heavy-Metal football quoted with Jürgen Klopp’s much quoted Heavy-Metal football would probably be most likely. The SC Magdeburg also stresses his opponents, treat them no breather. First wave, second wave, fast middle — the Bundesliga leader relies on continuous pressure and siege tactics. In the current season, this approach is already defending champion THE Kiel, Divemaster Flensburg-Handewitt and in early declared Derby the Fuchs Berlin.

Bennet Winger is builder of the success, the native Magdeburg won as a player with the SCM in 2001 the German Championship and a year later the Champions League. Since 2015 he is head coach in his hometown, currently the harvest of the hard work is on. The TRIUMPH in the European League was a first finger view last May.

At the latest since the profit of the Club World Championships in early October in Saudi Arabia, it is clear: The Magdeburg, which with Aalborg and Champions League winner FC Barcelona bribed international heavyweights impressively, are ready for more. Handball stronghold in Saxony-Anhalt lech after the first national championship for two decades.

Waited: The result of years of work

Even if it will be more difficult to move away from us from week to week, I will not be tired of emphasizing that we have not yet been half of the season behind us, Blocks the Mertens in conversation, there falls I’m hard to talk about a possible championship now. Currently take over enough others.

The success wave on which the SCM surfs is charged carefully. What we see now is the result of years of work and development, emphasized. The unconditional tempo handball represents the opponents in front of sheer unsolvable tasks. In the position attack, however, the Club World Master does not lose quality. That makes it so hard to pass against the Magdeburg. Fast passports, clear out the outside, solutions in the small group, the interaction with the circle — the undisputed leaders always has a means ready. And it takes the crowbar, there is someone with Michael Damaged (31) who bangs from hopeless situations to the opposing gate.

The squad of the SCM is extremely balanced, does not live from a few exceptions. Parallels to the Master’s team weighs but none: Many team with the 2001 to a level would be wrong. At that time we had absolute world-class players at any position, so far we are not so far. At least on the best way there is Omar Inge Mansion (24). The left-handed, with only 1.86 meters relatively small for a right back part player, is for Alfred Gílson Clearly the best player of the season until now, as the national coach recently revealed in the ARD. Basket in the assessment of his Icelandic compatriot needs Gílson nobody to introduce.

Mansion, Bundesliga Goal Scorer of the preseason with 274 hits, impresses with an excellent one-counter-one, the tempo game is mercilessly with, is from the backspace of goals and beyond one of the best regulators of the league. The SCM extended his contract prematurely until 2026 at the end of June. Many players left the squad. That with Philipp Weber (29) one of the most important German internationals of the younger past is more common only from the bank, but maybe already enough.

Waited wanted developing something innovative

The Star is the system that much shine at the SCM is currently shining. Inspiration sources addressed: That Alfred Gílson (SCM coach from 1999 to 2006, d. Red.) Played a big role with his awry, is no secret. He was ahead of his time and really innovative. But the current one In principle, I have developed game style over the years alone, as I wanted to develop something innovative myself. This has been weighed unquestionably, almost lonely, the Magdeburg is just at the national top. With the 29:25 against Cup winner TV Lego Lipped, the euphoria are now only binding 26: 0 points.

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One who sucked this kind of handball and used to his breakthrough is Lukas Martens. With constant strong achievements, the left outside recommended for the German national team, in which he debuted against Portugal at 25 years on 5 November. Lukas has made a huge leap, praises weighed this position in myself: After the heavy knee injury of Matze Musket, he has adopted his new role of great and has grown into it. For a year, the young was always playing for 60 minutes.

Martens on the fast lane: Means a lot

European League winner, club world champion, new national player — Martens experiences the year 2021 on the fast lane. In such a short time to get two titles and give the first game for the national team, is very emotional and means a lot to me, admits the native Wilhelmshavener, where the stress-intensive months after his own statement but also gnaws.

To implement approaches of the Magdeburg success model in the DUB team, Martens is not excluded: The Tempo handball would definitely be transferable, because we have exactly the players in the national team, which can do it. A Time Fastening would certainly like it, if Many attacks be completed via the first or second wave. But that this is a lot of training and automated processes is also aware of Martens. For more time with the national team, Unrestrained Gílson has been fighting vehemently for several months.

Alien’s almost daily works with the fact that it does not remain with a few international matches. He has very high demands and wants to scare us 100 percent out of us every day, says Martens about his sponsor: On the other hand, he also has the look for life outside the sport and for many things understanding. This draws For me a good trainer. And somehow also reminds of player statements about a certain Jürgen Klopp.

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