Sturmduo Sch ffler Shuranov collects bonus points

Sturmduo Sch ffler   Shuranov collects bonus points

Should we end the first round with 28 points, that would be fine. It would only be if it stayed with the 27 because we would have lost the game, the FAN coach succeeds self-confident on the task on Friday..

Human or Nuremberg?

The fact that he has to replace in the midfield on the eight the yellow-banned Lino Tengelmann, no sleepless nights, even if the loan of the SC Freiburg has long since set as a regular player. Probably the adequate alternatives have been available — and that is the case, there is no second doubt. With Fabian Feinberger and Taylor Human, two actors for the vacant place are now applying — who receives the surcharge will decide launch and his staff after tomorrow’s training. Nuremberg would be the in the duel more aggressive solution, Human for the offensive creative, more dangerous variant.

Speaking offensive: After the casting of the storm often varied overlooking the opponent and the training performance of the attackers, Manuel Shaffer and Erik Soprano are currently about to become a stem duo. After they stood against St. Pauli (2: 3) together for the first time in the starting eleven and as duets had shown good approaches, they increased against Kiel (2: 1), harmonized well and did not carve for the gates. Or to say it with your coach, matching your performance. That it is called for the Routinize Shaffer (32) and the Youngster Soprano (19) in this constellation on Schalke on a third, of which it is to be assumed. Klaus, in terms of posing usually highly locked, now says that the two had a bonus.

Schaeffler Academy: Advanced Training Center, Virtual Platform, and Worldwide Network [Schaeffler]

Savers development prepares joy

As far as the occupation of the internal defense is concerned, everything is clear: Anger Sorenson, who muses against Kiel in the initial phase with stomach problems, has so far been able to deny all units without problems and will take on Friday again his ancestral place to the left of Christopher Schindler. The fact that the former U-21 captain Mario Super (22) against Holstein represented surprisingly confident, the hierarchy has not changed. Nevertheless, the performance Savers has been registered with FAN with great pleasure, after all, another young player has proven to be a real alternative.

But back to Sorenson: The 25-year-old, who was last four times with a mask suffering from Darmstadt, lasted four times with a mask on Friday again the free all-round view, he does not need the protection from Carbon.

Council and the two-tone scarves

Whatever his coach does not need: give his players a general info about the upcoming opponent. Since Schalke is a focus as a large club medial, the players know a lot. That makes my job easier to go into detail, says Klaus, who has also made a special mood in training: The joy of the game is great. Incidentally, no one has to inform him about the special relationship with the club and Schalke fans, this was known to him for a long time. As a child, I wondered why fans with two-tone scarves on television have been seen. Since then, I have known that the two clubs connect the largest fan friendship in German football.

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