Sales information of PS5 Summary December 10 The new lottery sales start in treasure baret and other 2 reception continues

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PlayStation 5 (hereinafter referred to as PS5), which provides a new generation game experience, has reached the released on November 12, 2020. The degree of attention to the latest hardware is very high, and pre-reservation is sold out anywhere. Sales of the day first showed a heated popularity that was not visited.

About PS5 that is difficult to obtain after the release date, we will check the latest information on sales situations and lottery sales and deliver a more extensive recruitment that can be applied to the web and official apps. Please check the receptionist that you have not yet applied and how to apply it.

◆ Status of December 10- Treasure Bart starts new lottery sales

Each store has been drawn and sells, and the new receptionist began on December 10, today. In addition, Hikaru TV shopping and old book market continued to carry out lottery reception. Your applicants will use the next weekend to apply.

◆ About lottery sales of Hikaru TV Shopping

Hikaru TV Shopping has developed PS5 lottery reception and accepted until 11:59 am on December 13.

This lottery sale is for those who signed the target plan of Hikaru TV (including the price plan, television recommended plan, video turkey plan, basic broadcast plan, value plan, entry plan), and Hikaru TV Shopping LINE Official Account Add friends and ID cooperation are also required.

Please note that if you do not enter with the WebID during ID linkage, please be careful not to get out of the lottery. If you do not have a WebID, you need to get a new WebID.

◆ About lottery sales of Future Market

The Old Book Market is announced that it is a lottery to be accepted on the Web for various sales of PS5 main unit in December 2022-2022, and sold at the store only for those who won. The lottery sales reception will be held until 23:00 on December 12.

This application is required for a member number of Tate Point Card or Tate Point App Zurich and is for members issued by December 3, 2021 (with a history of use). When we win, we have to visit within 3 days including the day of winning and purchase. In addition, please note that the presentation of Photographed identity confirmation is required, and it can not be purchased if all the information at the time of application is not matched.

◆ About lottery sales of treasure Bart

The treasure Bart has started new lottery sales on December 10th. This reception period is up to 23:59 for December 13.

This lottery sale is Customer with a history of trading and selling in the treasure guard group stores from December 9, 2002, in the past 1 year or Point card and app membership card at the store Customers who have point sharing procedures are applicable.

In addition, membership registration on the app is also required to apply from the official app of the treasure Bart. If you win, purchase at Treasure Force Online Store. Please note that the shipping cost depends on the delivery area.

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