PS5 Sales Information Summary December 13 The lottery reception of treasure baret is read second and new lottery sales start on 14th

PlayStation 5 (hereinafter referred to as PS5), which provides a new generation game experience, has reached the released on November 12, 2020. The degree of attention to the latest hardware is very high, and pre-reservation is sold out anywhere. Sales of the day first showed a heated popularity that was not visited.

About PS5 that is difficult to obtain after the release date, we will check the latest information on sales situations and lottery sales and deliver a more extensive recruitment that can be applied to the web and official apps. Please check the receptionist that you have not yet applied and how to apply it.

◆ About lottery sales of Eon

Eon has note med a lottery sale acceptance for the official app Missouri Public App limited. Application acceptance period is from 11:00 am to December 15th from December 14th to 59 minutes. As the reception period is short, if you want to apply, do not miss this period.

The target stores are the right-operated games in the Aeon-Aeon style of Shikoku, and the Eon Super Center and the ions in Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Okinawa district are out of lottery. Please note that some stores can not be selected. When winning, it will be a form that can be purchased directly by carrying the foot to the store.

◆ About lottery sales of treasure Bart

The treasure Bart has started new lottery sales on December 10th. This reception period is up to 23:59 for December 13.

This lottery sale is Customer with a history of trading and selling in the treasure guard group stores from December 9, 2002, in the past 1 year or Point card and app membership card at the store Customers who have point sharing procedures are applicable.

In addition, membership registration on the app is also required to apply from the official app of the treasure Bart. If you win, purchase at Treasure Force Online Store. Please note that the shipping cost depends on the delivery area.

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