A legendary co-op

A legendary co-op

Outside the cold winter rats. But the German temperatures you do not have to let yourself be like, at least not on the screen. Mango recommends that you for a change from the frosty climate A Caribbean round in the coop with the starting game Tropics 6.

In winter, only for a moment, a real act can become. Briefly towing the garbage to the ton, without felt a felt frosting, goes well-packed — hat, scarf, gloves, long underpants.

Tropico 5 - 2 Player Co-op - Part 1-2 - With EvilGok
But quickly back into the warm booth. And then that moment when the clinking cold gives way to the chubby climate in the apartment… wonderful.

Is there a game that brings a similar feeling to the screen? Also like to Caribbean sounds and a cargo? Yes there is. What a coincidence. And that can even be played in multiplayer? Well outstanding.

Welcome to Tropics.

Tropics ensures Caribbean feeling and drilling earworms

What is Tropics? The legendary setup game is now in its 6th part and has been letting to beat Caribbean gamer hearts in rhythm for more than 20 years.

The latest part of the series, Tropics 6, orients itself very much on old mechanics and basically plays like Part 1 — only bigger and with better handling.

In the game, it is your task to build a barely populated island to create an economic power that eliminates her inhabitants and does not run away from the grand powers of the world.

Much of the game revolves around the construction of production chains and providing satisfied and trained workers. You must pay attention to 3 things to stay at power:

Are not too low in debt
Do not be so cheeky opposite the grand powers
Do not be too rough to your citizens

But no one prevents you to deduct the boundaries. Especially the population proves to be a flexible game ball of your whims.

Do you have a good day and want freedom and prosperity for all Tropical? Then offers free living space and allows even the poor population, with cars over the island.

Are you ruling with an iron hand and want to drain your everyday frustration to the residents? No problem — a given island society will also get along without rum.

As long as you are always diligently manipulated the elections… I mean… the elections fairly wins and has a balanced account, can only overthrow you a great power from the throne. And the little world policy does a budding dictator with links.

Other features of Tropics 6:

Caribbean sounds seduce to the constant wedding
Each of the maximum of 10,000 residents is unique, has a name and own views, as well as needs
Detailed micromanagement also in the economy — each dollar can be traced back
You have to do tasks for major powers to ride in the age and get new technologies
Drive it with the citizens too far, it can come to a rebellion
Various sources collect your Montes for your deposit account in Switzerland
Military can be controlled indirectly via attack or defense commands
You can borrow well-known sights

In the coop, she builds together a paradise — or annoys you violently

What can I do in Loop mode? The multiplayer mode of Tropics 6 is as simple as awesome. Because you can simply play the game without restrictions for two. Overall, 4 people can be taken to the Caribbean at the same time.

Everyone gets his own piece of paradise and can work undisturbed on his idea of ​​the perfect Caribbean utopia. Except, one is paved by the envious neighbors.

You can rush each other troops on the neck, making trading blockages, make rebels to the upswing and even take the coveted country of your teammate.

Nice neighbors, on the other hand, leave some construction aid or send educated workers to you when the rum-distillery is suffering again under the shortage of skilled workers.

To find an end, you introduce you to the round of peaceful, military and / or economic victory conditions. Just want to create eternal co-opa-building fun and create a perfect island together, keep the victory conditions completely.

Personal Conclusion: Tropics is a piece of holidays at home

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