The Bio Economic Committee required to match the next government

The Bio Economic Committee required to match the next government

You can benchmark the 4th World Revolution Committee of the Government of the Government, and then consider the establishment of the Bio Economic Committee in the next government. If the Advisory Committee, which is an advisory committee that can drive the bio-economy, the Administrative Committee will be able to build a strong bio-up drive with a scouring system.

Professor Park Songbook Seoul National University of Seoul National University Total Association of Korea Science and Technology Group Total Association Bio Economic Forum Regular Conference is described in the next crowded marketing system.

Building Canada's bioeconomy - from genomics and agtech to outer space - Bio Innovation Conference
Professor Park said, The 4th Army Industrial Revolutionary Committee is only operated by the State Council without the basis of the statute, but it is a very strong committee, but a lot of manpower dispatched to the Secretariat, said, In addition, The Ministry of Life Science and Technology, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Affairs, and the Minister of Land Science and Technology, said, he said.

I think it is necessary to have a bio secretary in the Presidential Secretary, he said, he said, I can also think of a bio-secretary in that way, which is a bio-secretary, which is newly established a science and technology innovation rather than a chief level.

For the research and development support scheme, we proposed a bio-related support group distributed to the Korea Research Foundation, Mountain Ratio, and Health Industry Promotion Agency.

Professor Park said, Before 1994, before the beginning of the basic plan, it was not a lot of places to work properly in Korea in fact, and in earnest, a life science-fostering basic plan is exhausted from R & D, starting with R & D, After 2017, the Bio R & D at the university was quite activated, and since then, various companies such as large companies, SMEs, and start-ups are leading the industry.

Kim Hyun-cheol Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency R & D Strategy Manager said, I think we should think about what we are substantially a bio R & D value and see how the governance matches, and said, I will be the best model for efficiency, but as a result, If you collect it as a form that makes it distorted or well delivered for mission, the purpose of the orientation, you can not be distorted or well delivered, so you need to worry about how to create local health, promotion of national health, and enhance science and technology competitiveness. I have suggested.

We have also appealed that government support is necessary to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology to accelerate the basic research process.

Kim Hungary National Biotechnology Policy Research Center Chapter There is also a 35-year to take 35 years, he said, I have been talking about 35 years in clinical FDA, he said. It was also a major example of basic research and a need for a basic research and a need for achievement.

The role of the life of life is very important, which is very important to analyze the life of life, AI, combined with digital and applied to the red green white common part of the new drug development. I added a governance structure to make it a common basis, based on the support based on support that can lead to transitions to multiple bio sectors.

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