Uncharted movie: New action scene shows how much film and game differ

Uncharted movie: New action scene shows how much film and game differ

Shortly before release of the screen implementation of the popular Uncharted series Sony shows again new to the movie. This time, the video is not a sliced ​​trailer, but a clip of a well-known action scene. However, they look different when we know them from the template.

Airplane scene in the Uncharted movie will be different from in the game

It’s about it: Cutting outs of the clip were already visible in the first trailer to the movie. The scene is reminiscent of the action sequence from Uncharted 3, in which Nathan Drake rather accidentally brings a plane to crash. As the complete clip shows now but now the scene differs noticeably from the games in the movie.

In the game, Nate is on the way during the sequence alone. In general, he is only on the plane to find his abducted Mentor Sully. In the movie, it looks a bit different.

The action itself is quite similar: Nate pulls the front screen’s tear on one of the containers in the aircraft and thus triggers a chain reaction through which a freight chain flicks behind the plane. Nate himself hangs with it and works hard to go to the cargo hatch, but then throws out into nothing through a car. Even his famous catchphrase Oh Crap! is included.

Unlike in the game, Nate is not alone in the film scene: Sully and even Chloe are there. While Sully and parachute is thrown from the aircraft right at the beginning, Chloe divides properly in combat and is indirectly responsible for Nate flying.

Here you can watch the action sequence yourself once:

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5 Key Differences Between The Uncharted Movie And Games
not the story of Uncharted 3

Although the film should tell the story, like Nathan Drake becomes the adventurer we know and love, but already in the first trailers it became clear that this is not a post-counting of the story from Uncharted 3.

Rather, the various scenes of the trailer show that the film is more likely to contain a kind of Best of of action sequences of the Uncharted series. In addition to the aircraft scene from Part 3, for example, the pirate ship from Uncharted 4 in the film can be found again.

When does the Uncharted movie start? Whether and how exactly the film lasts at all to the action of the games, we probably have to wait until the release. For a long time it does not take more — the film runs on 10 February 2022 in German cinemas.

What do you think about the action scene? Are you looking forward to seeing you similar to the game, or do you bother the changes too much?

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