Real travels without Bale to Supercopa to Saudi

Real travels without Bale to Supercopa to Saudi

24 players nominated Carlo Ancelotti for competition. While the last struck Dani Carvajal and Luka Join are consisted of, Gareth Bale is outside. He has back troubles, Ancelotti described. He does not feel well, he can not press one hundred percent. And also until then he is not useful. Mariano Diaz is not there as a result of upper leg issues.

The Welsh was just made use of in three games this period, in his 193 mins of play he scored a goal. He finished his last commitment to the royal on August 28th in the away video game at Bets (1: 0). At the 2-0 versus Atlético Madrid on 12 December, the 32-year-old remained in the team, yet did not function. Bales contract goes out in the summer, an extension is extremely not likely after the numerous quarrels in recent times.

Genuine plays his Supernova semifinals on Wednesday (8 pm, live! BEI Ancelotti) in Road against FC Barcelona, the following day Atlético Madrid and also Athletic Bilbao satisfy each other. The last is ended on Sunday at 20 o’clock.

Reals team at a glance

Goalkeeper: Courts, Lenin, Foodies

Protection: Carvajal, Military, Alba, Vallejo, Nacho, Marcelo, Wendy


Midfield: Crews, Madrid, Casino, Valverde, Lucas Vazquez, Cellos, disco, Camping

Assault: Threat, Benzema, Ascension, Join, Vinicius Jr., Rodrigo

24 players nominated Carlo Ancelotti for competitors. He has back problems, Ancelotti described. Mariano Diaz is not there since of upper leg troubles.

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