Dragon Nest, New Year Update and Event

Dragon Nest, New Year Update and Event

Identity Games (CEO) (CEO) said that the action RPG ‘Dragon Nest’ developed in the new year was updated on the new year and the event was held on the 13th.

First, we showed a new instance dungeon ‘Turn: Control area II’. The dungeon may obtain a material necessary for the production of the ‘dream end inorganic’ of the named grade of the named grades, compared to the existing ‘Table: Control Zone’.

In addition, a new threatening monster, such as ‘Nightmare’, ‘Watch’, ‘Monitor Blanco 04’, can acquire various items necessary for growth, and in the final gate, the Can be obtained.

In addition, we added a new subquest to the new subquest ‘plain’, and introduced the in-depth of the season 2 ‘on the Nestle of the divided maze-trial. In addition, various updates were performed such as adjusting the character balance and improving the beginner guide.


Meanwhile, Identity Games shall conduct a variety of events that provide a compensation for a compensation for commemoration of this update.

First, we will proceed to the event that linked ‘World Mission’. After completing two ‘World Daily Mission’, it will pay a massive torch of Alicia, and presents the ‘Gilt star’ at the time of the event at the end of the event.

In addition, when the three types of ‘World Daily Mission’ are completed, the conversion armor, accessories, and special armor payments are added to the existing one to five. In addition, when achieving a specific world weekly mission, it provides the ‘stone stones of construction’ and ‘a senior meager attack fluctuation’.

In addition, the ‘Mandarin Safes of Nest’ monster is a ‘Mandarin Saving Breaker’ event that appeared in the attack power and physical strength of the monster and physical strength, and starts the board game Daemon Season 9.

In addition, we open the event dungeon ‘blast — Bacchanal X Bacchanal X Bacchanal’, and the ‘Knowledge of Fortune Cookies’, ‘Conversion Accessories Box’, ‘Conversion Accessories Box’, and ‘Conversion Accessories Box’, ‘Fatigue Remover’.

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