Terodde preserves the FC Schalke before completely wrong start

Terodde preserves the FC Schalke before completely wrong start

Bundesliga relegated Schalke 04 has missed the leap on relegation plate three in the 2nd football Bundesliga. Despite a dominant playing over long distances, the Gelsenkirchen against Holstein Kiel did not go beyond a 1: 1 (0: 0).

With a worth seeing distance shot, Alexander Mulling introduced the guests in the 67th minute. Six minutes later, scorer Simon Eroded with his 13th goal of the season. For the North Germans, the appearance in Gelsenkirchen was the first competitive game on Schalke for 81 years.

We had enough opportunities in the first half to go to lead. If that succeeds, it will be hard for the keels. In the end it was an open game, said coach Dimitrios Grammars on the Sky microphone.

Eroded could have taken the hosts in the fifth minute in the lead, but made a short distance only the crossbar. Half an hour later, Calif Sane failed with a long-distance shot at the Kiel goalkeeper Thomas Dinner.

Seconds before the half-time whistle it was dangerous in front of the gate of the Schalke for the first time, but Martin Frail could ward off a free kick from Mikkel Kirkeskov to the corner.

Even after the sideways, the team of coach Dimitrios Grammars was the superior team, but further scoring elevations but first remained. Only after the two goals was the game more alive and more exciting.

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