“A farce”: FIFA world

“A farce”: FIFA world

The fact that the FIFA world football choice The Best quite a bit of one or the other at least discontent result is available, hardly surprise. In the recent gala, however, the World Association shot the bird.

For excitement, the choice on Monday mainly the Figaro World Eleven 2021.

Although the FIFA leads four strikers in their formation, Mohamed Salah from FC Liverpool is looking for vain. Clear, with the two years of undisputed superstars Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, BVB striker Erlang Haaland and world footballer Robert Lewandowski is the offensive series outstanding, Salah landed when choosing the best player of the year 2021 with 39 votes only just behind Messi (44) And Lewandowski (48). That it still is not enough for a place in the best four storm of the year, at least many fans gets up.

On Twitter make comments like a farce or This selection is a joke the round. That the Egyptian appears among the three best players, but not among the four best actors of his position, many for politics held. If the 29-year-old European or Brazilian had won the prize several times, suggested some applied users.

Selection process easily adapted

However, the FIFA and the Profit Player Association FIF PRO can only be a reproach. Finally, the selection is the result of a coordination among all the professional kickers organized under the FIF PRO. These must check their favorites on a connecting chart. However, the organizers 2021 have allowed them to change the mode a bit. While a 4-3-3 system had to be chosen so far, one decided for a 3-3-4. Salah did not help it.

Incidentally, the Reds offensive player is not the only kicker that lacks surprisingly. Édouard Wendy from FC Chelsea, which was named at the World Goalkeeper in 2021, Giannini Donnarumma has to leave Paris Saint-Germain.

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