ARD research: large buzzing black money in German amateur football

ARD research: large buzzing black money in German amateur football

In amateur football, there is all about 500 million euros per season alleged about 500 million euros in black money. This is the result of an ARD calculations for the documentation billions game amateur football — when the money comes in the envelope, which will be broadcast at 23.30 in the first for the coming Wednesday.

Accordingly, a lot of money in the envelope is paid in the amateur leagues, the stakeholders do not carry out taxes and social security contributions. According to DFB playing, amateur footballers may not get more than 250 euros per month to expenses and / or expense compensation.

If the cash flow is higher, an amateur agreement must be completed. These amateur agreements are rare in German amateur football, but rarely as the research revealed. More than 10,000 players took part in an online survey on the payment culture in amateur football.

According to the survey, it is by no means unusual to make money in the lower leagues with football. In the seventh league, more than 50 percent of the actors are still being rewarded.

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