Mainz 05 II also commits Marc Judge of Tus Koblenz

Mainz 05 II also commits Marc Judge of Tus Koblenz

According to the signatures of Ra sim Built and Jakob Franziska, Marc Richter is already the third new entry for Mainz II in the winter transfer window. The 20-year-old changes from the Oberliglist Tu’s Koblenz to the break path. There he came to use at the age of 17 in the first team and met in 22 times in the current season in 22 times.

Can come in peace and gather experiences


He has already shown his great potential in the Oberlin, Volker Testing, Director of Much at Mainz 05, is quoted in the press release. Now we trust him the next step in us. His commitment is also an anticipation of the new season, he can now arrive in peace and gain first experience. Richter himself said, At the interpersonal level, the talks with the responsible persons of Mainz 05 gave me a very good feeling and showed me that the club wants me absolutely.

In the residual return, which begins for Mainz on February 12 against the U 23 of the VfB Stuttgart, it goes straight to the new additions to the point: The 05s are pointed to the second rank of Regionally Suggest in the second rank of Regionally and want to mix in the title race.

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