Photos presenting leaks suggest that PS5 shellplates are interchangeable

Photos presenting leaks suggest that PS5 shellplates are interchangeable

Everyone did not like the look of the PS5. Although players can not do much about Sony’s design decisions, there may be some hope on the horizon. A set of photos that fled shows the PS5 with its standard white shell plates. Fans think that this indicates that interchangeable plates are in the future of the console.

Even with photographic evidence, it’s not exactly a safe thing. We could simply watch a PS5 mainly assembled, after all. But even if the plates are not officially replaceable, industrious consumers will certainly find a way to facilitate the change by themselves. In addition to this, interchangeable plates were also a characteristic of the PS4. So there is a precedent here.

The only problem in this vertigo could be the disk drive version of the console. Could the position of the reader make it impossible to replace the plates? Unless the two halves of the King Size collar of the PS5 do not come off immediately. In this case, make unfounded speculations on the designs of possible plates! My vote is either for retro wood grain or for the silver rocket seer or for a housing that is also a spider robot. The director of Wild Wild West was perhaps on something.

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