No viewer opening: BVB

No viewer opening: BVB

The Conference of the Confederation and Lander on Monday did not bring openings for the professional sports, even no precise scenarios for further steps – especially in football stimulates displeasure. BVB-Boss Hans-Joachim Wake brought even legal action into play.

Politics does not want openings for the time being – but the football makes pressure: federal and state governments rely on a consistent continuation of existing corona measures, which is the result of the Prime Minister Conference (MPK) with Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday. Thus, the German professional sports leagues should continue to play in front of a few until no viewers.

Already a few hours later, the football multiplied lack of proportionality. It was always blamed, the football gets special rights in Germany, said Borussia Dortmund’s CEO Hans-Joachim Wake of the build -dating: The opposite is just the case. The football is the victim of symbol policy.

It is bitter that the majority of MPK participants only think of prohibitions after two years and not also a minimum of possibilities and logical decisions, Wake said, who may also defend themselves legally: We will give us the decisions of the Country NRW exactly look at and check if we can check them in the express procedure.

At present, in interiors sometimes almost 90 percent of the capacity to and in outdoor stadiums only 750 people. In the open air, people are locked out. That’s not relatively, that’s no science, that does not understand that anymore.

DFL criticizes politics: Professional port is worse

The German Football League (DFL) as an advocacy of the professional clubs also shows little understanding of the restraint of politics in this question. It is not comprehensible, that the Professor is currently poorly peasant to many places than other areas of life, said DFL managing director Donate Hops.

The containment of the pandemic enjoy self-priority, especially in view of the omicron wave, says hops: In the sense of the entire professional port, it would have nevertheless been important to achieve a look at the approval of fan’s agreement on differentiated scenarios, the Orient themselves to the respective pandemic situation. Clubs and leagues would have in this way at least some planning security and a perspective in a situation challenging for them. The professional port has proven with its hygiene concepts and their implementation that clubs and fans meet their responsibilities.

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Chancellor Scholz (SPD) and the countries made only agreement on Monday that in the implementation of large events of a standardization of existing regulations. Such one should now be developed and agreed until the 9th of February. Hops therefore expect concrete solutions until this date, where football is welcome to work.

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