[Gem] MMORPG 4

[Gem] MMORPG 4

※ [[Gem] is a corner that recommends a game that gamers enjoy a good game on a special subject.

MMORPG is a high entry wall. Except for some games based on the season, the time of time is also high as the service period is longer because the character growth is accumulated in the play time. In addition, ‘online play’ is essential, and there is a lot of content to learn, so the aware of the recognition of entering without anyone who knows the old game.

However, MMORPG has a direct impact on the game life that MMORPG is basically necessary to break new users to require many users. There are often the updates of ‘Newly’ support in many games., I often aggressively after the ‘Newly’ seats in order to increase the person who will do the person to do with the existing user, not the game company. This time, even if I do not have a friend, I have been carefully selected by MMORPG, which can be challenged with a friendly existing user with newbies.

One. Making

Making is known as a game that emphasizes a sticky community during MMORPG. I am afraid that I play the game with others, such as playing the campfire and playing the instrument, playing the instruments, sharing the instruments or sharing food, and now, I am hard to find these things, Users are not small.


Making is a game that is a game that looks at 20 years of service, and there are a lot of contents, which is difficult to challenge because it is difficult to challenge. In this way, Nixon added a chick mark that could reveal the attention to the attention of the new user. This allows existing users to learn Newbie and help them spontaneously. The effect was awesome. If you look at the chick mark, you can see the existing user that is not difficult to go around to help. Here, you buy an avatar to buy an avatar, grabbed the Avatar, and to help you to help your growth, and you are called chicks in the game, and you are treated like a kind of final contents.

2. Lost Arc

Roast Arc was evaluated as a representative reverse driving game since last year. There are a lot of adventurers with ‘Kokomo Mark’, which is not over 60 days after creation, or it is attached to the item level 1,445 or less. Game is also performing a variety of events for those who have found Afraid. But the main is not this part. It is a voluntary ‘Newbie’ support of existing users called ‘Kokomo (Newbie) licking’.

The roast arc must be in the process of building the contents of MMORPG, and the process of building a name to raise the character and raises the character. In the new user’s perspective, I can get a struggle to do with what I have to do. In addition, we have been actively watching the Kokomo avatars who have been paid in 2020 for new users as well as 2020.

Kokomo Lick (not marked at that time), which started, remains as a representative culture of Lost Arc. Even now, it is possible to confirm that the Monks Mark in the regional chat is a few seconds to return to a few seconds. Most Arc is a complicated content configuration, but it seems to be able to get enough to get up with existing users with a heart held at Newbie.

3. Destiny Guardians

Destiny Guardians are well known for users with an unknown game. In earnest, I arrived at the tower that begins with the story, but I do not know what to do with the wicked heart, but I do not know what to do. In addition, basically, the difficulty is high, so that the game can not proceed with solo play, and the entire structure, such as the content of the new expansion pack, and the entire structure is like a comprehensive gift set that prevents the entry into the new rain.

However, the ‘Clan’ activity that can be helped to other users is active. In particular, users who have enjoyed Destiny Guardians for many years are understanding the grievance of Newbies. It is difficult for the game to be a game, helping Newbies to settle in the game, and in the process, in the process, the need for communities and cooperative needs will be enhanced in the process, and the bonds between each country user are sticky.

I am well aware of the atmosphere that helps each other. This can be verified in anecdote for the dungeon ‘dares of eternity’ added with the 30th anniversary of the volunteer. This dungeon is now a ridiculous way that the beginning of the picked game is not possible, so that all users had to be unconditional, so they had a lot of burdens on Newbies. As a result, there were a number of gamers that were trapped in the dungeon, and the operator wrote a writing of the players who were trapped in the existing user through Twitter. And I have been waiting for a number of skilled guardians. Even if the game is difficult, it will not be afraid to be with friendly guardians.

4. Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 is famous for ‘Newby-friendly operations’. It is served as a repair of pay to win (Pay to Win), and it is relatively easier to catch up with the existing user specification that the content is initialized periodically and that the content is initialized. If the high-level user participated in the low-level content here, the novice user can not be difficult to go to the dungeon because it is given a specific compensation.

There is a system that is provided for new user influx, but existing users also support Newly in a variety of ways. Typically, there is a beginner channel. This channel consisting of 100 mentors and four12 numbers is essential for new users to ask for what new users do not know, or to save people to do dungeon and to vest. Existing users are also looking to share items they have. It is an electrolyte that gains advice here and enjoy a big difficulty in enjoying the game.

It is also possible to talk to a variety of themes such as march hunting, sudden mission, and PVP on the private chat channel called server transcendental rink shell (Echo Ring). In addition, the bulletin board meeting that is through the field of Exchange helps the clubs to have fun in the game. If the server transcendental rack shell shares the game related information, the East is being used as a community that stores a story about hobby and concerns in a broader range.

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