Blood Bowl 3: a closed beta for January 2022

Blood Bowl 3: a closed beta for January 2022

Highly anticipated players, the American Fantasy football game returns for 2022 with several phases of tests. The first starts January, with a closed beta for players having pre-ordered Blood Bowl 3. To hope to participate, there is no choice, it will be worth shout. But other test phases are planned, and maybe even everyone can participate.

beta closed from January 2022, the key dates

If the game is at the end of the year 2022, the first closed beta arrives on January 25th. The latter lasts a week, and is accessible to all players with a steam key. This phase is intended to refine the AI, the planning phase, the pathFinding and correct multiple bugs.

  • Start of the closed beta – 25 January 2022
  • FIN OF THE BETA – 2 February 2022

How to get a key?

At present, only players with Pre-ordered Blood Bowl 3 on Steam can get a key for the closed beta of January. Those who have already participated in previous beta have direct access since the launch of this new phase. However, people who have pre-ordered the game since last June will receive the keys in the coming days only. For the following beta, any key owner can continue to use it. Other beta phases arrive in the year, and new ways of participating should therefore see the light of day.

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