Peter Dinklage criticizes Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon as “Docteless”

House of the Dragon \ – That’s the name of the game-of-throne spin-off, which should be released this year. Of course, one of course is interviewed directors like Roland Emmerich , if one speaks with him about the controversial end of the eighth season, but also like with one of the original performers.

Peter Dinklage does not like House of the Dragon

Peter Dinklage , known in Game of Thrones in the role of Tyrion Lannister, has expressed itself in an interview with Marc Maron as part of his podcast WTF to spin-off.

_ “No one’s out of the original is part of the series, but there is another series because” Game of Thrones “has introduced them money. Why I have an opinion.” _

While dinclaway speaks that Hotd certainly “a really damn good series becomes”, he expresses criticism of HBOS concept for the prequel:

_ “With our series HBO has been a great risk. It was a tough start, but why do not you do it? That’s no risk now. It is a proven thing that works.” _

Who will keep right?

Of course, it is questionable, to what extent Dinklage’s prognosis corresponds to reality. Would an ambitious series really be more successful than a “secure bank” like the Got Franchise?

In addition, DinkLage itself calls the probably high quality of the prequel series. Incidentally, he shares this perception with George R.R. Martin Most Personal, which was very pleased by a balance of the first episode.

It remains to be seen how House of the Dragon will prove itself in the future. To what extent is the series ready to enter the risks indicated by DinkLage without annoying the established fanbase? It would not be the first time that you could have caught the Game-of-Thrones fan base on the wrong foot. Remember the controversial final of the eighth season.

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