Smile Gate, Youth Creator Growth Support Program Completion Ceremony

Smile Gate, Youth Creator Growth Support Program Completion Ceremony

Smile Gate Futurea said on the 28th (Friday) that the 13th (SGM) completed the 13th certificate of Smile Gate Membership (SGM).

This completion ceremony has a place to attend 11 teams that have joined SGM 13. The teams supported by the SGM 13 showed various genres of games such as strategic simulation, action adventure, racing, and nuclear & slash logicur. SGM 13 participates in the program of first OBT (Open Beta Day, August), Mentoring Day (October), and Second OBT (January 22), I received a variety of support to complete.

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In particular, it is noteworthy that it helped to strengthen the competence of mutual actions through the Study Party introduced in this SGM 13th. The study party was planned as a program that participated in the SGM alumni SGM Going as an operational joint and the creators were gathered in the form of a consumption and shared their information and experiences while joining the association. Beyond the operations by the number of employees, the community of creators through the SGM, and in addition to the study for mutual growth, money and talent donations are continuing for the junior creators.

Lifuel (Lifuel), which attended the completion of the donation, “said the Lifuel team,” he decided to give a donation to the value of the real-half of the Smile Gate. I came to SGM and saw a lot of yuan and strength to see the creators who walked the same way as me. A little different creators are glad to be able to be involved in developing games. ” In addition, the development of the development of the development of young creators as a senior creator and cheered the challenges and growth of young creators. I could feel the culture of the smart gate that cheered the Creative Culture of Indie Games, so it was a more meaningful place for creators.

On the other hand, SGM is a typical creative support program of Smile Gate Purcher Raw that creators can challenge and grow to game development. In 2010, we support creative grants, development spaces, user feedback, mentoring, and networking, and are leading to Indie Creative Ecosystem Composition and Activation. 2020 Google Play ‘Game of the Year’ The game ‘Indie Games (SGM 7), awarded the best prize of the Indie Games, Kids (SGM 12) are from SGM.

“SGM,” said, “SGM will be glad to be able to develop with the creative community, and the creator of the creators, I expect to be welcome to develop by developing and can be welcomed in the global game market. “

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