Extremely unusual cosplay presents you Princess Mia from Civilization

Extremely unusual cosplay presents you Princess Mia from Civilization

If you throw a look at the Cosplay community regularly, you will be supplied with a variety of breathtaking costumes , where you’re well for forgetting that you are not fled directly from your series or your game. But who does not dig deep enough, often gets the same handful of famous characters.

Clear, Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher 3, Jinx from Arcane or League of Legends and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 are always worth a click. But sometimes it also needs a little change and that you get to this cosplay of Princess Mia from Civilization guaranteed.

A really unique cosplay character

Because the Aztekian princess from the acclaimed global strategy series is certainly not a particularly popular cosplay candidate. And the costume of Pufacosplay proves Reddit, how successful MIA’s life can look like. Together with a number of other characters Civilization you could put together an interesting cosplay troop so certainly.

But the princess Mia-Cosplay also enthuses itself by itself. With the mixture of magnificent gold and colorful springs, PUFACOSPLAY has hit the outfit of MIA pretty well and especially the impressive helmet, which unites the two core elements of the outfit, stands out.

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The detailed rod can also be seen and makes with the ornaments excellently the historic feeling of the figure. Only the background is quite boring with its monotonous hue without elements or objects. A huge temple or jungle would have been atmospheric here.

Other interesting cosplays

Despite all variety, sometimes the return to well-tried is pleasant. So if you still want Cosplay’s classic characters , you’ll take a look at this fantastic triss Merigold costume or this expressive Ciri cosplay, both from the Open World Adventure The Witcher 3.

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