Released App Analytics for irons sauce, user securing and maximizing growth

Powerful business platforms for the app economy (IRONSOURCE, NYSE: IS) provide apps and game developers to promote growth and revenue by providing essential visibility and monitoring for user participation and real-time operation support. Analytics (App Analytics) announced the official announced today that the Beta version has been launched.

The app analysts that are released this time can be seen on the Iron Source Platform, and the industry’s first and only tools to build up to developers with more effective apps and the app analysis data required to expand and optimize for user-level and optimization to be.

“It has been found that the market’s demand is increasing for a comprehensive analysis tool that can analyze all aspects of apps and games beyond the app and user secure analysis, as it collaboration with various sized developers.” “Omer Kaplan, a co-founder (CRO), a co-founder (CRO), and the Omer Kaplan (CRO), said,” We have been working to develop solutions to reflect these market needs, and developers are more smart I expect to be able to build a successful app business. The app analystics that are released will contribute to the goals of the developers, and to add important app performance data to the only platform in the industry that encompasses the benefits, user secure, and app analysis. “

In addition, the app analystics of the Iron Source provide deep insights into the internal structure of the app and the entire apps and games through data such as user behavior, average play time, and progress. In addition, we are also supporting real-time operating software (LiveOPS Software) to manage A / B tests without having to launch a separate new version and remotely organize the app.

In this app design, it is possible to measure the effect on the change of app internal structure, from the game in the game to the application in the app. In addition, all the people working in the app, such as product administrators, game designers, CEOs, etc. are accessible to the information needed for optimal decisions where they need to invest in various resources to maximize sales, user secure and growth, and secure better visibility Immediately can be responsive.

“This release not only increases the functionality of our platform’s functionality, but also increases personnel demand for responding and support in apps-based business,” “Iron sources are” Game designers, product managers, such as product administrators, have been able to provide the core data and real-time operation support needed to improve their products and business. “

The Iron Source platform includes a sophisticated analysis tool such as cohort reporting, real-time pivoting, segment, and so on, and is involved in the release of this app analystics and improves the user flow of apps and games beyond monetization and user growth analysis It is expected to provide a variety of insights for performance growth and optimization of performance.

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