Food Movement Selling Sim “Food Truck Empire” announced. Aim for food truck empire who puts deliciousness and leaking to the city, and its name

Publisher’s Movie Games announced February 17th, Food Truck Simulator “ Food Truck Empire “. The platform is PC (STeam) and the release time is undecided. In the STEAM store, Japanese subtitles and UI are denoted.

“Food Truck Empire” is a simulation game that tailor its own kitchen car and sell food. The player customizes the decor of the kitchen car and builds the foodtrack empire in the street while meeting the stomach of the customers who are scared in various areas.

The inside of the kitchen car is the heart of the heart in this way. Although it is equipped with a cooking area, the inside is very narrow because it is in the vehicle. Within a limited space, efficient transfer line creation will be important. The necessary facilities and materials are different by the menu that handles. Ensure the staff’s flow line exactly while considering the positional relationship between the storage location of the ingredients, the cooking area, and the prosthesis area. Also, besides interior, it is also sticking to the exterior of the car. As well as color schemes, while wearing characteristic fenders and rims, we will appeal to the atmosphere and individuality of the shop with fascinating exterior.

Once the kitchen car is completed, it will finally go to the food battlefield. The stage is a variety of suspicious roads and outdoor hoodcoat areas and luxury residential areas. Each area is pointed by another kind of taste. Whether you’re hungry at noon, do you want to be a busy banker with a busy bank? Expand the mobile kitchen car according to the target to provide food and attract customers.

Headquarters needs to be a kitchen car business. By handling a business base in a specific place, it can be expanded into business. Establishing a marketing department and investigate the market, and compete with luxurious garages, and compete with competitors. As a gold tower of moving sales, we will build a foodtrack empire that makes his name.

Working with “Food Truck Empire” is a studio both Lichthund and Pixel Crow based in Warsaw, Poland. Lichthund is a studio that produces a unique art style in a weapon, such as an action “LichtSpeer”, an acknowledgment “Lichtspeer”, a bad band, and a defective band. On the other hand, Pixel CROW is a studio that develops a work that fulfills the storytelling power, such as the 80’s style American criminal drama “Beat Cop” and the darkness of society on the stage of the space station and “Total Alarm”. I wonder what kind of style of the creativity of both studios will be combined.

“Food Truck Empire” will be released for PC (STeam). Delivery time and price have not been revealed. This work corresponds to Japanese subtitles and UI.

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